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Comcast Expands Service Center Offerings

When Comcast customers in Cherry Hill, N.J., want to pick up or return equipment or pay their bill, they will now be able to take a number and relax in front of a high-definition television, make a free long-distance call or check their e-mail while they wait.

In an attempt to eliminate long lines and show-off their products, Comcast has created 10 service centers in the country to test-drive their concept. The Cherry Hill service center, in the Woodcrest Shopping Center, was chosen to be a prototype for all of Comcast’s service centers because it received a high amount of traffic per day, according to the Cherry Hill Courier-Post.

“We wanted to give a good customer experience,” said manager Kathy Ayala. The Cherry Hill center serves 9,500 customers per month, according to Ayala.

Customers choose a numbered ticket depending on the help they need — paying a bill, exchanging or receiving hardware, scheduling service or making a transaction. Then, they can use a phone to make free long distance calls using Comcast Digital Voice, go on the Internet at a computer terminal or relax in front of the TV until their number is called.

“It is our ongoing mission to continue to create innovative systems and methods to ensure customers have a positive and pleasant customer service experience,” Comcast South New Jersey area VP John Delviscio said in a prepared statement.