Comcast Expands Cloud DVR To Atlanta

Atlanta is the next launch site for Comcast’s cloud DVR and in-home multiscreen live TV streaming – features that are relatively new to the MSO’s IP-capable X1 platform.

The launch in Atlanta follows earlier debuts in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Comcast has also rolled out in-home live TV streaming in the Bay Area, but has yet to pair it with its new cloud DVR offering.

Atlanta is the first market in Comcast’s southern region to get the new cloud-based offerings. In addition to enabling playback of shows recorded to the cloud storage system and the ability to stream and view most of the MSO’s linear TV lineup on PCs, tablets and smartphones, the in-home cloud-based feature also lets users to “check out” DVR recordings by sideloading them to those devices for later playback.

Under Comcast’s present policy, X1 subs are allowed to download up to 10 recordings per device, and is available for playback for up to 30 days. Like a library book, those sideloaded recordings must be checked back in before they are available on the TV and other authorized devices.

"We want to provide our customers with the best television viewing experience on every device, both in and out of the home," said Comcast regional SVP Doug Guthrie, in a statement. "This cloud-based technology enables Comcast to deliver on that promise, and gives customers a more personalized viewing experience."

The new Xfinity TV app for iOS and  Android devices, as well as a dedicated Web portal for browsers, shares much of the look and feel of  Comcast’s X1 UI for the set-top box.

Comcast’s cloud DVR currently lets customers record up to five shows at once and provides 500 Gigabytes of video storage.

Comcast is also testing out a new X1 DVR service (subscription required) that allows subs to record up to 15 shows at the same time. Instead of utilizing the new cloud DVR offering, that pilot service is a localized option for the MSO’s AnyRoom DVR service that combines the storage and tuning capabilities of three X1 HD-DVRs.