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Comcast Enables Robocall Blocking for Xfinity Mobile

Comcast said that Xfinity Mobile users can now download the Hiya app to get alerts on which incoming calls are spam.

The free app also identifies calls from common businesses, and it also allows users to block calls from entire area codes.

The collaboration with the robocall-blocking app maker Hiya represents the cable operator’s latest move to combat the robocalling problem. The activity comes as the FCC is putting pressure on communications companies to find solutions.

Comcast also said that it will implement SHAKEN/STIR techniques in areas where it is enabled by MVNO partner Verizon for an additional layer of security.

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STIR is short for Secure Telephony Identity Revisited. The SHAKEN acronym is a bit more of a reach — it stands for Secure Handling of Asserted (information using) Tokens. The “ken” in token comprises the last part of the acronym. The protocol seeks to authenticate calls by using digital certificates that determine where the call actually originates from.

In March, Comcast said it has partnered with AT&T to successfully test a solution — based on the SHAKEN/STIR protocols — to stop robocalling between various landline services.

In April, T-Mobile and Comcast announced another partnership to combat robocalling by using SHAKEN/STIR to authenticate calls made between their respective networks.