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Comcast, Dish, fuboTV Announce 4K Women’s World Cup Distribution

Comcast, Dish Network and fuboTV have all announced distribution of the FIFA Women’s World Cup France in 4K.

Starting today, Comcast said it will present live games on X1 via FOX in English and Telemundo in Spanish. The cable operator has hoisted the kind of destination “hub” area on X1 for event feature coverage, accessible via Voice Remote search terms such as “soccer” and “Women’s World Cup.” There’s also easily accessible onscreen data displays of tournament schedules, standings, etc.

Dish, meanwhile, is offering games in 4K and in English on Dish channel 52 to customers who have its Hopper 3 set-top.

And for its part, fuboTV will be the only vMVPD carrying the games in Ultra HD through its 4K beta. The virtual pay TV service will feature games in English on FOX, FX1 and FX2.