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Comcast Buys an Island in Second Life

Just in time for an entire summer spent in front of a computer, Comcast has opened Comcastic Island in Second Life, the popular 3-D multiplayer online game.

Comcastic Island -- one of more than 7,800 in the game -- is a virtual theme park designed to market the operator’s services. To promote Comcast’s high-speed-Internet services, the island includes several speed-themed racing games, including a jet-ski track and a jet-pack course.

The island also will host concerts by Second Life and real-world artists, and other attractions like the Expo Center Cafe, a meeting place that serves virtual food. Comcast plans to create other games to highlight its video and voice services.

Second Life has about 1.8 million members who have logged on to the service in the past 60 days. Linden Research, the company that operates Second Life, charges $1,675 for a 16-acre island plus monthly land fees of $295.