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Comcast Business Launches ‘SmartOffice’

Comcast Business has formally introduced SmartOffice, a video surveillance, monitoring and storage product for small- and mid-sized businesses.

Per the SmartOffice web site, the offering starts at $29.95 per month and includes one indoor camera, with more cameras provided for an additional monthly charge. Comcast has been asked for additional pricing details.

UPDATE: Comcast Business is charging $14.95 per month for additional indoor cameras, and an extra $19.95 per month for outdoor cameras that work with SmartOffice.

The debut of SmartOffice, which adds a new source of potential revenue for Comcast Business, comes about a week after details about the product first uncovered by Light Reading.

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The service features “commercial-grade” 720p HD cameras (with 20x zoom, night vision and motion detection capabilities), the ability to securely store up to 30 days of video in the cloud (access to that footage can be provided to as many as four employees), and live and recorded access to video via a smartphone app or from a desktop browser.

“The growing trend for building ‘Smart Cities’ will lead to the rise of connected devices across the private and public sectors, and our SmartOffice solution can provide video surveillance to organizations that want to monitor their locations more closely,” Christian Nascimento, executive director of premise services at Comcast Business. “This new service aligns well with our high-capacity internet and Ethernet offerings and allow SMBs to use the cloud for easy access to, and sharing of, video footage, which can benefit a business in many ways.”

Documentation about SmartOffice shows that Comcast is developed the product in tandem with Genetec.