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Comcast: Median Customer Data Use Was Up 34% to 200 GB Per Month in Q2

Comcast said during its second quarter earnings call last week that its median residential customer used 34% more data in first three months of the year than in the comparable period of 2018.

Median usage, the cable company said, now exceeds 200 gigabytes per month.

“Our customers’ demand for speed and data usage keeps increasing,” said Comcast CEO Brian Roberts.

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As MCN reported in January, research company OpenVault said that median wireline broadband data usage in the U.S. spiked 40% to 145.2 GB in 2018. Average usage was 268.7 GB.

Comcast has said that only a small percentage of its users are approaching, or exceeding, the 1 terabyte usage cap it enforces in 27 states.

According to OpenVault, the number of U.S. users who exceed the monthly 1 TB threshold more than doubled last year to 4.12%.