Comcast Brings ‘Scenes’ to Xfinity Home

Comcast is broadening the capabilities of its Xfinity Home platform with “Scenes,” a feature that enables users to string together a set of rules and routines for when they are waking up, leaving or returning home, or heading to bed for the night.

Comcast is setting that up with a rules engine that lets customers set, adjust and coordinate connected devices, such as smart lighting, cameras and security systems, for several specific events, including: "Good morning;" "Leaving;" "Returning home;" and "Good night.”

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Customers, for example, can use the “Leaving” scene to set up rules that could turn on the security system, restart Xfinity Home’s video cameras, and adjust the thermostat.

The “Returning” scene can likewise be used to auto-disarm the security system, turn on lights and raise the temperature of the home’s smart thermostat.

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All four Scenes can be customized with the Xfinity Home app for iOS or Android, and each one can be activated manually or scheduled to occur at a specific time of day, Neal Foster, vice president of product management at Xfinity Home, explained in this blog post.

“We’ll continue to enhance these features and add even more capabilities over time,” Foster noted.

Comcast announced in April that it was approaching 1 million Xfinity Home subscribers.