WGCO(FM) Savannah, Ga., WFXH-AM-FM, WGZR(FM) and WLOW(FM) Hilton Head Island, S.C./Savannah, WWVV(FM) Blufton, S.C./Hilton Head Island/Savannah and LMA for WGZO(FM) Parris Island, S.C./Hilton Head/Savannah; and the following Bluefield, W.Va., stations: WHIS(AM)-WHAJ(FM) and WKEZ(AM), WBDY(AM)-WHKX(FM) Bluefield, WHQX(FM) Cedar Bluff and WTZE(AM)-WKQY(FM) Tazewell, Va., and WKOY-FM Princeton, W. Va.

Price: $25.6 million

Buyer: Triad Broadcasting Co. LLC, Monterey, Calif. (David J. Benjamin, president); owns/is buying 18 other FMs and eight other AMs

Seller: Adventure Communications Inc., Bluefield, W.Va. (Michael R. Shott, CEO); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: wgco: 98.3 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 1,047 ft.; wfxh(am): 1130 kHz, 1 kW day, 500 W night; WFXH-FM: 106.1 MHz, 10.5 kW, ant. 794 ft.; wgzr: 104.9 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 300 ft.; wlow: 107.9 MHz, 50 kW, ant. 485 ft.; wwvv: 106.9 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 800 ft.; wgzo: 103.1 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 284 ft.; whis: 1440 kHz, 5 kW day, 500 W night; whaj: 104.5 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 1,200 ft.; wkez: 1240 kHz, 1 kW; wbdy: 1190 kHz, 10 kW; whkx: 106.3 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 1,122 ft.; whqx: 107.7 MHz, 550 w, 751 ft.; wtze: 1470 kHz, 5 kW day; wkqy: 100.1 MHz, 4.2 kW, ant. 395 ft.; WKOY-FM: 100.9 ft., 630 w, ant. 641 ft.

Formats: wgco: oldies; wfxh(am): talk; WFXH-FM: rock; wgzr: hot country; wlow: standards; wwvv: modern AC; whis: news/talk; whaj: AC; wkez: adult standards; dy: sports; whkx: contemporary country; whqx, wtze, wkqy: country; WKOY-FM: oldies

Broker: Bergner & Co.

WHTG-AM-FM Eatontown/Asbury Park, N.J.

Price: $15 million

Buyer: Press Communications LLC, Wall, N.J. (Mark D. Lass, president); owns wbud(am)-wkxw(fm) Trenton and WBSS-FM Millville/Trenton, N.J.

Seller: WHTG Inc., Asbury Park (Faye B. Gade, president); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: AM: 1410 kHz, 500 W day, 126 W night; FM: 106.3 MHz, 3.9 kW, ant. 328 ft.

Formats: AM: AC; FM: modern rock

Broker: Media Services Group Inc.

WFUN(AM)-WREO-FM Ashtabula/parts of Cleveland, WZOO-FM Edgewood/parts of Cleveland and construction permit for WPHR(FM) North Kingsville/near Ashtabula, Ohio

Price: $11 million

Buyer: Clear Channel Communications Inc., San Antonio, Texas (L. Lowry Mays, chairman); owns/is buying 19 TV stations and 876 other radio stations including WGAR-FM, WMJI(FM), WMMS(FM) and wtam(am)-wmvx(fm) Cleveland

Seller: Radio Enterprises of Ohio Inc., Ashtabula (Richard D. Rowley, president); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: wfun: 970 kHz, 5 kW day, 1 kW night; WREO-FM: 97.1 MHz, 50 kW, ant. 500 ft.; WZOO-FM: 102.5 MHz, 5.8 kW, ant. 328 ft.; wphr: 107.5 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 300 ft.

Formats: wfun: oldies; WREO-FM: AC; WZOO-FM: AC

Broker: Associated Broadcasters