KMGG(FM), KSRO(AM)-KFGY(FM) and KXFX(FM) Santa Rosa, Calif.

Price: Up to $25 million

Buyer: Emerald City Radio Partnership L.L.C., Washington (Paul W. Robinson, principal); owns two other AMs and five other FMs

Seller: Amaturo Broadcasting L.L.C., Santa Rosa (Lawrence V. Amaturo, managing member). Amaturo also has interest in one AM and two FMs

Facilities: kmgg: 97.7 MHz, 250 W, ant. 1,122 ft.; ksro: 1350 kHz, 5 kW; kfgy: 92.9 MHz, 2.3 kW, ant. 1,800 ft.; kxfx: 101.7 MHz, 2.2 kW, ant. 1,056 ft.

Formats: kmgg: oldies; ksro: news/talk; kfgy: country; kxfx: AOR

WTTB(AM)-WGYL(FM) Vero Beach/Fort Pierce, Fla.

Price: $5.15 million

Buyer: Vero Beach Partners II, Boca Raton, Fla. (Mitchell Rubenstein, director); owns two other AMs and two other FMs, including WPAW(FM) Vero Beach/Fort Pierce

Seller: Sandab Communications LP II, Baltimore (Steve Seymour, president); owns two FMs in Cape Cod, Mass.

Facilities: AM: 1490 kHz, 1 kW; FM: 93.7 MHz, 50 kW, ant.475 ft.

Formats: AM: Music of your Life; FM: soft AC

Broker: Blackburn & Co.

KBBS(AM)-KLGT(FM) Buffalo/Gillette, Wyo.

Price: $1.05 million

Buyer: Legend Communications of Wyoming LLC, Ellicott City, Md. (spouses Larry and Susan Patrick, principals); owns/is buying two other AMs and four other FMs. Patricks own wjeh(am)-wryv(fm) (formerly wjeh) Gallipolis, Ohio

Seller: Communications Systems III, Buffalo (spouses Albert L. and Judy Wildman, principals); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: AM: 1450 khz, 1 kw; FM: 92.9 mhz, 100 kw, ant. 85 ft.

Format: AM: oldies; FM: country

Broker: Patrick Communications