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Columbia sells pics to Bravo, A&E

Columbia Pictures has sold a mixed bag of film packages to the Bravo and A&E cable nets, Reuters reports.

Rainbow's Bravo has followed its pricey West Wing deal with a pact for for eight box office also-rans, including The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc and The End of the Affair. The films sold by Columbia Pictures also include Crazy in Alabama, I Dreamed of Africa, Les Miserables, Jakob the Liar, Under Suspicion and Timecode. The earliest available title is Les Miserables, which Bravo starts running next month. Bravo gets the seven other titles in 2002.

Meanwhile, A&E picked up Columbia's Finding Forrester, starring Sean Connery, along with seven other Columbia titles: Mary Reilly starring Julia Roberts; Bugsy, with Warren Beatty; Barry Levinson's Avalon; The Odessa File, starring Jon Voight; Little Nikita, featuring Sidney Poitier; King Rat, starring George Segal, and Crazy Joe, with Peter Boyle.

Terms of the deals were not disclosed.