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CNN's Dobbs holds his ground

Cable News Network Lou Dobbs Moneyline anchor Lou Dobbs appeared on another CNN show Thursday
to defend his stance opposing the Justice Department's handling of accounting
firm Andersen in the Enron Corp. scandal.

"[Critics] don't like the fact that I'm taking a highly unpopular position
against the Justice Department, against the power structure, and [that I] have defended
innocent people," Dobbs told CNN morning anchor Paula Zahn on American

Reporters from The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times
have questioned Dobbs' objectivity on the Andersen matter because of previous
ties to the company. They cited a speech he gave to Andersen employees in 2000
(Dobbs was not with CNN at the time) and Andersen's role as auditor for Inc. -- a Web site Dobbs held a large stake in before returning to CNN
last year -- as examples.

Another connection: The firm sponsored a CNN weekend show Dobbs once anchored
in the late 1990s.

Dobbs called the accusations "a pretty sad connection of the dots," asserting
that all journalists have advertisers and that a speaking fee would not influence his
editorial judgment.

He added that CNN executives, led by chairman Walter Isaacson, gave their full
backing for him to express his opinions.