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CNN Hires Ex-Trump Campaign Adviser Stephen Moore

CNN, which President Donald Trump has accused of being a fake news outlet and part of a conspiracy to de-legitimize his election, has named former Trump campaign adviser Stephen Moore as a senior economic analyst and contributor.

Moore has been a Fox News commentator sice leaving the campaign, where he was a senior economic adviser. He is also an economist at the conservative Heritage Foundation and a contributor to the Wall Street Journal.

Additionally, CNN has shuffled its morning news lineup.

John Berman and Poppy Harlow will co-anchor CNN Newsroom at 9 a.m. They replace Carol Costello, who moved to HLN.

Berman had been co-anchoring Early Start (4-6 a.m.), where Dave Briggs, the former Fox & Friends co-anchor who was recently on NBC Sports Network, will replace him in February. Christine Romans remains co-anchor of Early Start.

Kate Bolduan will be solo anchor of At This Hour at 11 a.m.