CNN Gets a New Graphic Look

CNN has revamped its graphic look to make news updates easier to read and understand. The biggest change is replacing the narrow scrolling news ticker that runs along the bottom of the screen with a wider “flipper” graphic that presents information one item at a time.

The flipper, which has been created with CNN's existing Vizrt graphics technology, will make its debut on Dec. 15 at 6 a.m. ET with American Morning. A flipper will also be introduced at the same time on CNN Headline News. The same type of flipper graphic has already been used successfully by CNN International since February 2006, and won't require any changes to producers' workflow. CNN hasn't substantially changed its graphic look since 2004.

“It's easier to read, understand and absorb the information,” says Bart Feder, senior VP of current programming for CNN.

As part of the flipper switch, CNN is also getting rid of the horizontal banner graphic that was placed above the scrolling ticker and indicated which story was being presented in the main video part of the TV screen, such as “Senate Kills Auto Bailout.” Those headlines, as well as the CNN logo and associated branding, such as “CNN=Politics,” will now be presented as small graphic overlays over the video. The main CNN logo will also now appear in the right bottom portion of the screen to both HD and SD viewers.