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CNN Digital Sets Record for Biggest Live Video Event in Internet History

CNN's Inauguration Day combined
digital coverage-from live streaming video to 3-D interactive maps-gave it the
No. 1 slot among all news and information sites in every Nielsen Online metric,
the network said Thursday.  

Additionally Live-the
multi-stream live video news service-served a record-breaking 1.3 million
concurrent live streams in the moments leading up to President Barack Obama's
Inaugural Address Tuesday, beating the previous Internet record of an estimated
700,000 concurrent live streams served during a YouTube event. Live served a
record-breaking 26.9 million live streams, shattering its previous total daily
streaming best set on Election Day last year with 5.3 million live

Rival Fox News Channel enjoyed 5
million lives stream of inauguration coverage, which was the best delivery day
ever for FNC for live streaming.

On Inauguration Day, the CNN Digital
Network-which includes and several other Web sites-was the No. 1 news
and information Internet property, according to Nielsen online.

-- Unique Users: CNN Digital's 11
million unique visitors made it the most visited online news destination, outperforming
its nearest its competitors MSNBC Digital Network and Yahoo! News by 10% and 21%,
respectively. No. 2 MSNBC's digital properties had 10 million unique visitors.

-- Time Spent: CNN Digital generated
97 million total minutes for the day, beating MSNBC Digital and Yahoo!
News by 41% and 117%, respectively. 

-- Page Views: CNN Digital generated
94.6 million page views, 28% more than MSNBC Digital and 133% greater than
Yahoo! News. also had a unique
partnership with Facebook that enabled Live users to update
their Facebook statuses directly from the Live player, where they also
could see status updates from their friends and other Facebook users. So 3.6 million unique users spent a total of 16 million
minutes on the Live/Facebook video player on Inauguration Day. registered 27.6
million global page views on Inauguration Day, which is 488% increase over the
prior four weeks. Additionally, 2.4 million page views registered on the
Political Ticker-the No.1 political news blog according to Nielsen Online-which
is an 8% increase over the previous month.