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CNN accuses Fox of filching footage

Cable News Network anchor Miles O'Brien appeared on Fox News Channel,
along with the CNN bug and set, during post-shuttle-disaster coverage Saturday,
prompting the charge that Fox News' coverage -- at least temporarily -- was
coming from its main rival.

Sources said CNN producers concluded that Fox News was airing its report, originating from CNN Newsource affiliate WFAA-TV Dallas, and put the CNN bug on the air.

According to video from ShadowTV Inc., the bug ran for several seconds on
Fox News, and O'Brien appeared briefly.

That was followed by what appears to be a live shot from NASA's control

'They were taking our air,' CNN spokesman Matt Furman said. 'Networks steal
from each other from time to time, but rarely is it so blatant.'

A Fox News spokeswoman called a request for a response 'a waste of time.'

On Saturday, the New York Post reported that Fox News' Eric Shawn,
complete with branded microphone, had appeared Thursday night on a segment CNN
labeled an exclusive interview with U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix.

Although the Post referred
to 'the CNN goof,' CNN said Shawn's appearance was part of a b-roll accompanying
the package and did not detract from its interview's