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Clearwire Names Huawei As WiMax Supplier

Clearwire said it has completed network infrastructure supplier selections after signing an agreement with China's Huawei Technologies as a supplier of WiMax radio access network equipment.

Other strategic suppliers for Clearwire include Motorola, Samsung, Cisco Systems, Ciena and DragonWave. Clearwire's investors include Sprint Nextel, which owns a 51% stake, as well as Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, Google and Intel.

Under the new agreement, Huawei will supply WiMax radio access network (RAN) equipment for Clearwire's rollout of broadband wireless service across the U.S., including base stations, element management system (EMS) components, and related network hardware and software.

Huawei also is developing equipment based on another 4G wireless technology, Long-Term Evolution. Cox Communications has selected Hauwei as a supplier of "LTE-ready" CDMA base stations.

For Clearwire, Motorola and Samsung are also supplying RAN equipment. The operator has selected Cisco gear for the core Internet Protocol network infrastructure. Ciena is supplying base station switching, and the network's microwave-backhaul transport is based on equipment from DragonWave and Motorola.