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Clarke for the defense

Pentagon spokeswoman Victoria Clarke was on friendly turf Wednesday, but that
didn't stop Cable News Network defense correspondent Jamie McIntyre from grilling her on the
government's refusal to let reporters accompany special forces on operations
inside Afghanistan.

"The long history of news reporters accompanying forces is that they don't
compromise missions," McIntyre said during a question-and-answer session sponsored by the
Washington Metropolitan Cable Club.

Clarke said the Pentagon's record of cooperation with the media is
exemplary considering the clandestine nature of most military operations during
this conflict.

Clarke is the former spokeswoman for the National Cable & Telecommunications

Joking later, she promised "to spend the afternoon getting Jim to the most
dangerous situation I can find."

McIntyre quickly retorted: "I'm Pentagon correspondent, not a war

In recounting his experiences Sept. 11, McIntyre said he was handcuffed by
a Defense Department police officer when he tried to rush from the Pentagon
pressroom to the site of the jet crash.