Circuit City Gifts CTAM Summit Attendee

Washington -- Circuit City Stores made it worthwhile for Anis Abunimeh to make it to the CTAM Summit’s second morning keynote here Wednesday.

The director of marketing sciences for Cox Communications’ Orange County, Calif., system went home with a flat-screen TV and an appointment to have a whole-house networking solution installed in his home by firedog, the retailer’s installation and repair-services division.

The system, valued at $5,000, is a replica of the service demoed during the keynote by the retailers’ CEO, Phil Schoonover. The technology can turn on your favorite music as you enter the home, monitor the front door so that you can determine if you want to answer the bell and control entertainment choices.

It’s an example of the whole-house solution Schoonover said he’d like Circuit City to partner with cable on selling and installing.

Abunimeh was in the right place at the right time -- sitting in one of two chairs in the ballroom with winning certificates taped under them.

The news wasn’t so good for the second winner, who, according to Abunimeh, was from Mexico and must settle for a new TV without the networking bells and whistles.

Keynote attendees will be targeted with e-mails from firedog, offering 20% off selected services, ranging from computer repair to home-theater installation.