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Cincy Bell Debuts Multiroom DVR For Fiber Customers

Cincinnati Bell is now offering Motorola's multiroom digital video recorder solution to subscribers of its Fioptics fiber-to-the-home TV service.

The multiroom DVR service is $14.99 per month (versus $9.99 per month for standlone DVRs), according to telco spokesman Kurt Freyberger. The multiroom DVR solution lets subs to record and play back content, as well as manage recorded programs, from up to eight DVR and non-DVR Motorola DCX high definition set-top boxes.

Cincinnati Bell had 14,400 Fioptics customers as of March 31.

"We recognize that winning new video subscribers is becoming more challenging as new competition emerges. Our subscribers expect us to deliver high quality content and innovative services, and this latest MR-DVR solution from Motorola allows us to do that," Cincinnati Bell vice president and general manager Darrick Zucco said in a statement.

DirecTV, Comcast and Cox Communications earlier this year began rolling out multiroom DVR options, while AT&T U-verse TV and Verizon's FiOS TV have offered the feature for several years.

In areas where Cincinnati Bell's Fioptics is unavailable, the telco resells DirecTV service and so those customers would be able to order the satellite operator's multiroom DVR service as well.

Motorola's MR-DVR solution operates over existing in-home coax cable using the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) specification.