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Chrosniak: Adelphia Subscriber Adjustments ‘Bogus’

Former Adelphia Communications Corp. investor-relations director Karen Chrosniak said the MSO’s accounting department made “bogus” adjustments to subscriber data, but she did not know who was responsible, Dow Jones reported.

Her testimony Thursday came during the trial of former Adelphia chairman John Rigas, his sons -- former chief financial officer Timothy Rigas and former executive vice president of operations Michael Rigas -- and former director of internal reporting Michael Mulcahey.

They are charged with 24 counts of conspiracy, wire fraud, bank fraud and securities fraud. All four men have pleaded not guilty.

Chrosniak said adjustments were made that involved using different price rates to estimate the number of subscribers in apartment or condominium complexes. The accounting department made other adjustments related to Adelphia's basic-subscriber data, as well, she added.