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Chiklis Shields Daughter from Show

FX's The Shield returns for a fourth season March 15, but cast member Autumn Chiklis, age 10, won't be tuning in.

In fact, she hasn't watched a single episode of the FX drama starring her dad, Michael Chiklis. That's because Chiklis won't let her, saying she is too young to watch the violent, gritty drama.
On a commentary on the DVD set from season 3, which was released last week (Feb. 28), Chiklis says that Autumn would be scared by The Shield. She had nightmares after watching a preview on TV for one of the Chucky slasher films, says Chiklis, so he's sure that The Shield is too much for her to handle.
When she's old enough, Chiklis says, he'll watch the DVDs with her, explaining what's going on.
There's one exception to the rule. He lets her watch rush footage of the scenes where she plays Cassidy Mackey, daughter of the Chiklis character at the center of the drama, Vic Mackey, to help her develop as an actress.