Chernock to Tackle ATSC 3.0 at BTS Symposium

Richard Chernock, chief science officer for Triveni Digital and chair of ATSC's Technology and Standards Group, will give an update on ATSC 3.0 Oct. 12 at the 2016 IEEE BTS Symposium in Hartford, Conn.

His presentation — "The Practical Side of ATSC 3.0" — will look at the implementation steps needed to transition to ATSC 3.0, the IP-based, next-gen broadcast TV transmission system for over-the-air delivery news services. The presentation will include a Q&A.

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“Most broadcasters have heard about the exciting features and capabilities offered by ATSC 3.0, but they're unsure of some of the practical aspects," Chernock said in a statement. "During this tutorial session, myself and the other experts within the industry will provide a clear picture of the details surrounding ATSC 3.0, enabling broadcasters to best take advantage of the new system."

Also presenting at the event are Dave Siegler, senior VP of technical operations for Cox Media Group ("Why ATSC 3.0?”); Mark Earnshaw, senior systems architect for Coherent Logix ("Detailed Overview of ATSC 3.0 Physical Layer") and Skip Pizzi, senior director of new media technologies for NAB ("Content Creation for ATSC 3.0”).