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Chernin Group Takes of Control Steven Rinella’s MeatEater Inc.

The Chernin Group has purchased a controlling stake in MeatEater Inc., the Bozeman, Montana-based company behind Netflix’s popular outdoors- and hunting-themed series starring Steven Rinella.

Chernin has not disclosed how much it’s paying for the company, which also produces a podcast with Rinella.

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In addition to content featuring Rinella, MeatEater Inc. also backs content built around April Vokey, a fly fishing guide and host of the Anchored with April Vokey podcast. Meanwhile, Hunter Mark Kenyon hosts the Wired to Hunt podcast, and wild food chefs Eduardo Garcia and Ben O’Brien host of The Hunting Collective podcast.

Netfllix, of course, doesn’t release metrics on how many people watch Rinella’s show. But Chernin says the outdoor hunter-angler market is worth $80 billion a year, with more than 40% of Americans over the age of 16 participating.

“With a passionate audience of Steven Rinella fans, a large addressable market of sporting enthusiasts, and a broad societal acceptance of the merits of conservation and responsible food procurement, MeatEater is poised to be a transformative brand,” said Jason Bergsman, Executive Vice President of The Chernin Group. “Steven Rinella and Kevin Sloan are the right partners to build a great business in this space.”