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Cheddar Buys Rate My Professor From Viacom

Self-described “post cable” news programmer Cheddar said that it has acquired internet business Rate My Professor from Viacom.

Acquisition of the platform further enhances Cheddar’s youthful audience profile, with an average of 6 million college-aged users rating 125,000 instructors a month.

Cheddar didn’t disclose how much it paid for the asset, which offers students at every U.S. college campus a chance to review their instructors.

“We are the definitive live, millennial video news company and Rate My Professors adds user generated content and deep engagement to our company,” said Jon Steinberg, founder and CEO of Cheddar, in a statement. “Rate My Professors coupled with our OTT networks and CheddarU network makes us the defining media company for a new generation that has no relationship with legacy cable news media. Our cost structure and technology is built for the future and user generated content enhances that model.”

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Cheddar noted that site traffic has grown annually since Viacom acquired the Glassdoor-like platform in 2007—it currently has 20 million ratings across 1.8 million professors.

Cheddar also said that Taboola has been enlisted as a “strategic in-feed discovery partner” for Rate My Professor.

“We’re very excited to partner with Cheddar to bring Taboola Feed to an audience that is already intimately familiar with the infinite scrolling experiences of social media. We believe the future will be a totally personalized experience when people look for new and interesting content,” said Adam Singolda, CEO and founder, Taboola.