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Western International Syndication

Turning next fall's pack of dating shows on their heads, Western Syndication International will launch weekly one-hour series Cheaters
at NATPE for fall 2001.

will star-tsk-tsk-footage pieced together by private detectives, retained by Western Syndication International, of people cheating on significant others. Sometimes these investigators will teach the victims how to use hidden cameras and high-tech microphones themselves to trap their lovers in suspected affairs.

That's a lot of drama. But if victims think they have enough proof, the Cheaters
production crew will then follow them as they confront their misbehaving lovers. All "busts" are hosted by Tommy Habeeb, who'll be aided by armed body guards.

Habeeb and his relationship investigators have been featured on syndicated talkers Sally
and cable channels MSNBC, CNN and Court TV. Cheaters
is currently in production in Dallas.

There's more to the show, produced by Goldstein/Habeeb Entertainment, than just pure shock value. The company does want to distinguish Cheaters
from other supposedly similar fare, including Fox mid-season entry Temptation Island(sort of a sexed-up Survivor, where couples are tempted to cheat on each other in an exotic location).

"The program not only exposes the cheaters, but it also brings to light the consequences of infidelity, driving home some of the terrible by-products of cheating," says Bobby Goldstein, creator and executive producer of the series.

Show: Cheaters

Studio/Distributor: Goldstein/Habeeb Entertainment, Inc./Western International Syndication


Barter: 7/7

Debut: fall 2001