Chase Launches ITV Ad on Dish

Chase Card Services, the credit-card division of JPMorgan Chase, announced the launch of an interactive-television campaign Monday for its Chase Freedom credit card that will be available to EchoStar Communications’ Dish Network subscribers through Jan. 1.

As part of the campaign, Chase’s regularly scheduled TV commercials are embedded with a graphic overlay that lets Dish viewers click away from the programming they’re watching to view various minute-long videos about the Chase Freedom credit card. By selecting one of three buttons, viewers can see how the card works, get details on the card and request that more information be mailed to them.

The campaign is being managed by The Media Group, formerly known as Turner Media Group. The creative elements for the interactive campaign were developed by T3, a marketing-services company based in Austin, Texas, and the software elements were developed by interactive-TV-applications vendor Ensequence.