Charter: We’ll Continue To Support TWC Home Security Subs

Charter Communications said it will continue to support  home security and home automaton services for customers who came on board via its merger with Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable, but noted that it’s reducing its focus on sales of that product as it assesses that line of business. 

DSL Reports reported Thursday that an industry source indicated that Charter, which inherited the TWC and BHN smart home offering via the merger, might shut down that service. Charter, however, stressed that existing customers will continue to be supported.

“Existing Intelligent Home customers are being fully supported and will continue to be fully supported,” a Charter official said in a statement. “Intelligent Home is a new business for Charter and we are in the process of assessing it. While we assess the program we are reducing the focus on sales.”

The TWC and BHN home security and automation offering is powered by Icontrol, a company that works with several other cable operators, including Cox Communications, Comcast and Rogers Communications, and is reportedly in talks to sell its various assets and products  to Comcast and