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Charter Changes Cancellation Policy, No More Prorated Bills for Final Month of Service

Charter Communications has begun notifying customers that it will no longer prorate the final month of billing for customers cancelling their service.

This would mean that customers who, say, move halfway through a billing cycle and cancel service are still on the hook for the entire monthly bill.

“Effective on or after June 23, 2019 and consistent with the terms and conditions of service, Spectrum will no longer provide pro rata credit for services sold on a monthly basis that are cancelled prior to the end of the current billing month,” reads a graph included on May billing statement for broadband service delivered to MCN’s Los Angeles office.

Charter reps didn’t immediately respond to MCN’s inquires for comment and clarification. It’s unclear as to whether the policy change is footprint-wide across the 41 states Charter services. Stop the Cap was the first notice and report on the change. Ars Technica confirmed it with a statement received in Texas for internet, TV and phone triple-play service, as well as in Ohio.

As Ars also noted, AT&T and Altice USA have similar policies. Comcast and Verizon still prorate final monthly bills, the site added, quoting policy.