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Charlie Sheen Promoting Products Via Twitter

While he may not be working at the moment, Charlie Sheen is keeping busy. The actor, whose ranting interviews have appeared everywhere this past week, has been hired to pitch products on Twitter, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Since creating an account on the micro-blogging site Tuesday afternoon (March 1), Sheen has acquired more than 910,000 followers.

Thursday morning Guinness World Records reported on its Facebook page that Sheen had acquired 1 million followers on Twitter faster than anyone else. It took 25 hours and 17 minutes.

Sheen then reportedly signed a deal with, a firm that writes messages from celebrities on Twitter and Facebook to endorse products. The celebs get paid for each message.

More than 1000 celebrities are part of's roster. They are paired with brands such as Coca-Cola, Old Navy, Sony and American Airlines for ad campaigns.
--David Tanklefsky