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Channel Master Opens Up Live OTT Spigot

Channel Master, a maker of subscription-free DVRs targeted to cord-cutters, said it has completed the beta phase of its live TV streaming platform, and has opened it up to media companies.

Channel Master, which supports OTT video and free over-the-air TV on its DVR+ platform and integrated interface, initially offered a batch of about 20 live OTT services as part of its beta program, including WeatherNation, FoodyTV, The Outdoor Cooking Channel and RT News, and has since added partners spanning Vibrant TV, Backlight, StreamShift, SonLife, Inspiration and Dr. TV.  

Channel Master has also shown demos of Sling TV running on its platform, but has yet to formally integrate the Dish Network-run OTT-TV service.

The company said media companies can contact it directly (at to schedule demos. It claims its partners can build and launch a branded channel on its platform for free, including no upfront costs.  

Rather than taking a discrete apps approach with OTT that would require users to change inputs, the Channel Master TV system aims to be more tightly integrated by including OTT offerings and broadcast channels in the underlying program guide.

Channel Master currently offers two DVR+ products – a 16 GB version for $249 (that requires a USB external hard drive for “full DVR functionality”), and a 1 terabyte model for $399.  The company has not announced how many DVR+ units it has sold.

 “We initially launched with a handful of select partners.” said Joe Bingochea, executive vice president of product development, in a statement. “The service was a first-of-its-kind and we wanted to be sure we had a premium product that delivered value to both partners and customers. The results have been fantastic and we’re now ready to expand the service with additional partners.”