Changing Hands

TVsKWBP Salem, Ore., and KPLR St. LouisPRICE: $275 millionBUYER: Tribune Broadcasting Co. (Dennis FitzSimons, president); No. 5 station group owns 23 other stations, none in this marketSELLER: ACME Television LLC (Jamie Kellner, chairman/CEO)FACILITIES: KWBP-TV: Ch. 32, 5,000 kW, ant. 1,785 ft.; KPLR-TV: Ch. 11, 316 kW, ant. 1,070 ft.AFFILIATION: KWBP-TV: The WB; KPLR-TV: The WBCombosWMBD(AM), WWFS(AM), WPBG-FM and WSWT-FM Peoria, Ill.PRICE: $37 millionBUYER: Triad Broadcasting Co. (David J. Benjamin, chairman/CEO); owns 42 other stations, none in this marketSELLER: JMP Media LLC (Michael R. Wild, president/ COO)FACILITIES: WMBD(AM): 1470 kHz, 5 kW; WWFS(AM): 1290 kHz, 5 kW; WPBG-FM: 93.3 MHz, 41 kW, ant. 551 ft.; WSWT-FM: 106.9 MHz, 50 kW, ant. 479 ft.FORMAT: WMBD(AM): News/Talk; WWFS(AM): Sports; WPBG-FM: Oldies; WSWT-FM: Lite RockBROKER: Wood & Co. Inc., The Ted Hepburn Co. and Peter Handy of Star Media Group Inc.WRLD-FM Valley (Columbus), WRCG(AM) and WCGQ-FM Columbus, and WKCN-FM Lumpkin (Columbus), Ga.PRICE: $15 millionBUYER: Archway Broadcasting Group LLC (Al Vicente, president/CEO); owns eight other stations, none in this marketSELLER: McClure Broadcasting (Chuck McClure Jr., president). FACILITIES: WRLD-FM: 95.3 MHz, 25 kW, ant. 328 ft.; WRCG(AM): 1420 kHz, 5 kW; WCGQ-FM: 107.3 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 1,011 ft.; WKCN-FM: 99.3 MHz, 50 kW, ant. 492 ft.FORMAT: WRLD-FM: Oldies; WRCG(AM): News/Talk/ Sports; WCGQ-FM: AC; WKCN-FM: CountryKUMU(AM), KUMU-FM and KAHA-FM HonoluluPRICE: $5.2 millionBUYER: Bullie Broadcasting Corp. (Gary W. Dodd, president/ treasurer); owns three other stations, none in this marketSELLER: Maverick Media (Gary Rozynek, president/ COO)FACILITIES: KUMU(AM): 1500 kHz, 10 kW; KUMU-FM: 94.7 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 79 ft.; KAHA-FM: 105.9 MHz, 92 kW, ant. 1,965 ft.FORMAT: KUMU(AM): Soft AC; KUMU-FM: Lite Rock; KAHA-FM: Classic RockWSOS-FM St. Augustine and WKLN(AM) St. Augustine Beach (Jacksonville), Fla.PRICE: $4 millionBUYER: Lakeshore Media LLC (Chris Devine, member); owns five other stations, none in this marketSELLER: Westshore Broadcasting Inc. (Ronald Roseman, president)FACILITIES: WSOS-FM: 94.1 MHz, 19 kW, ant. 377 ft.; WKLN(AM): 1170 kHz, 830 W dayFORMAT: WSOS-FM: Bright AC; WKLN(AM): Bright ACBROKER: Eddie Esserman of Media Services GroupFMsKLYY-FM Arcadia (Los Angeles) and KSYY-FM Fallbrook (San Diego) and KVYY-FM Ventura (Oxnard-Ventura), Calif.PRICE: $137 millionBUYER: Entravision Communications Co. LLC (Walter Ulloa, chairman/CEO); No. 19 group owns 54 other stations, including KSSC-FM, KSSD-FM and KSSE-FM Los Angeles.SELLER: Big City Radio (Charles Fernandez, president/CEO)FACILITIES: KLYY-FM: 107.1 MHz, 6 kW, ant. -43 ft.; KSYY-FM: 107.1 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 299 ft.; KVYY-FM: 107.1 MHz, 370 W, ant. 1,296 ft.FORMAT: KLYY-FM: Spanish AC; KSYY-FM: Spanish AC; KVYY-FM: Spanish ACWWYY-FM Belvidere (Allentown-Bethlehem), WWZY-FM Long Branch (Monmouth-Ocean), N.J.; WYNY-FM Briarcliff Manor (Westchester), WWXY-FM Hampton Bays (Nassau-Suffolk), N.Y.PRICE: $43 millionBUYER: Nassau Broadcasting Partners LP (Louis Mercatanti Jr., president/chairman); owns nine other stations, including WEEX(AM) and WODE-FM Allentown-Bethlehem.SELLER: Big City Radio (Charles Fernandez, president/CEO)FACILITIES: WWYY-FM: 107.1 MHz, 1 kW, ant. 719 ft.; WWZY-FM: 107.1 MHz, 630 W, ant. 541 ft.; WYNY-FM: 107.1 MHz, 2 kW, ant. 591 ft.; WWXY-FM: 107.1 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 279 ft.FORMAT: WWYY-FM: Spanish AC; WWZY-FM: Spanish AC; WYNY-FM: Spanish AC; WWXY-FM: Spanish ACBROKER: Glenn Serafin, Serafin Brothers Inc., and Mark W. Jorgenson, Jorgenson Broadcast BrokerageKMXN-FM Garden Grove (Los Angeles), Calif.PRICE: $35 millionBUYER: Liberman Broadcasting Inc. (Lenard Liberman, executive vice president); owns 14 other stations, including KHJ(AM), KVNR(AM), KBUA-FM, KBUE-FM and KWIZ-FM Los Angeles.SELLER: Astor Broadcast Group (N. Arthur Astor, president)FACILITIES: 94.3 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 246 ft.FORMAT: Mix ACBROKER: Kalil & Co. Inc.WXXY-FM Highland Park (Chicago)PRICE: $32.88 millionBUYER: Superior Broadcasting (Chris Devine, president); no other broadcast interestsSELLER: Big City Radio (Charles Fernandez, president/CEO)FACILITIES: 103.1 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 328 ft.FORMAT: SpanishCOMMENT: Superior Broadcasting will hold license until Hispanic Broadcasting's merger with Univision closes. Until then, HBC will LMA the station back from Superior Broadcasting.

Information provided by: BIA Financial Networks' Media Access Pro, Chantilly, Va.,