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Changing Hands


76% of KAQY(TV) Columbia, La./Monroe/El Dorado, Ark.

Price: $100

Buyer: Charles H. Chatelain, Carencro, La.; owns KADN(TV) Lafayette, La.

Seller: Paul J. Azar, Lafayette; no other broadcast interests

Facilities: Ch. 11, 315 kW visual, ant. 1,771 ft.

Affiliation: ABC


WADB(AM)-WJLK-FM Asbury Park, WOBM(AM) Lakewood, WBBO(FM) Ocean Acres and WOBM-FM Toms River, all N.J.

Price: More than $90 million

Buyer: Millennium Radio Group LLC, Amherst, N.Y. (Charles W. Banta, managing member/president, Mercury Capital Partners); is buying WFPG-AM-FM and WPUR(FM) Atlantic City, WBSS-FM Millville/Atlantic City and WBUD(AM)-WKXW(FM) Trenton, N.J.

Seller: Nassau Broadcasting Partners LP, Princeton, N.J. (Louis F. Mercatanti Jr., president/23.6% owner); owns/operates 17 radios in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Facilities: WADB: 1310 kHz, 2.5 kW day, 1 kW night; WJLK-FM: 94.3 MHz, 100 w, ant. 98 ft.; WODB(AM): 1160 kHz, 5 kW day, 8.9 kW night; WBBO: 98.5 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 328 ft.; WOBM-FM: 92.7 MHz, 1.4 kW, ant. 485 ft.

Formats: WADB: adult standards; WJLK-FM: hot AC; WODB(AM): familiar music of the '40s, '50s and '60s; WBBO: rebroadcasts WJLK-FM; WOBM-FM: AC


KSFF(FM) Caledonia, KQYB(FM) Spring Grove and KHME(FM) Winona, all Minn./La Crosse, Wis.

Price: $3.9 million (includes noncompete agreement)

Buyer: Family Radio Inc., La Crosse, Wis. (Richard T. Record, president/24.9% owner); owns two FMs and two AMs in La Crosse. Record had interest in 15 other FMs and eight other AMs

Seller: Marathon Media Group LLC, Chicago (Bruce Buzil, sole member/manager); owns 31 FMs and 17 AMs

Facilities: KSFF: 94.7 MHz, 1.9 kW, ant. 584 ft.; KQYB: 98.3 MHz, 33 kW, ant. 607 ft.; KHME: 101.1 MHz, 2.3 kW, ant. 535 ft.

Formats: KSFF: easy listening; KQYB: hot country; KHME: AC

KBMA(FM) Bryan/College Station, Texas

Price: $2.5 million

Buyer: Clear Channel Communications Inc., San Antonio (L. Lowry Mays, chairman; Randy Michaels, CEO, Clear Channel Radio); owns/is buying 17 TVs and about 1,153 other radios

Seller: Felix Torres, Bryan; no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 99.5 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 328 ft.

Format: Spanish

Broker: Barger Broadcast Brokerage Ltd. (seller)

WISM-FM Altoona/Eau Claire, Wis.

Price: $2.4 million cash (includes $10,000, two-year noncompete agreement)

Buyer: Clear Channel (see preceding item); owns four other FMs and two AMs in Eau Claire

Seller: Alpenglow Communications Inc., Eau Claire (David E. Barrett, president/managing shareholder); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 98.1 MHz, 25 kW, ant. 279 ft.

Format: Rock

Construction permit for WHUG-FM Cooperstown, Pa.

Price: $342,000 (includes $100, five-year noncompete agreement)

Buyer: Forever Broadcasting LLC, Hollidaysburg, Pa. (Donald J. Alt and Kerby E. Confer, each 40% members); owns 17 other FMs and nine AMs

Seller: Fox Allegheny Inc., North East, Pa. (John A. Bulmer, president). Bulmer owns WDOE(AM) Dunkirk and WBKX(FM) Fredonia, N.Y.; is a principal in WQFX-FM Russell, Pa.

Facilities: 107.7 MHz

Broker: Richard A. Foreman Associates (seller)

WGZO(FM) Parris Island/Hilton Head, S.C.

Price: $100,000 cash

Buyer: Zip Communications Inc., Bluefield, W.Va. (Michael R. Shott, president/owner); no other broadcast interests

Seller: Simmons Broadcasting Co., Cornelius, N.C. (W. Lee Simmons, president); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 103.1 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 284 ft.

Format: CHR/Top 40

Construction permit for KSXZ(FM) Lost Cabin/Thermopolis, Wyo.

Price: $30,000

Buyer: Jimmy Ray Carroll, Kemmerer, Wyo.; owns KAOX(FM) Kemmerer; has interest in KEVA(AM) Evanston and KTHE(AM)-KDNO(FM) Thermopolis, Wyo.

Seller: Idaho Broadcasting Consortium Inc., Santa Rosa, Calif. (Frederic W. Constant, president); no other broadcast interests. Note: Seller retains call sign

Facilities: 99.1 MHz

KMLK(FM) (formerly KHBX) El Dorado, Ark.

Price: $20,000

Buyer: Noalmark Broadcasting Corp., El Dorado (William C. Nolan Jr., president/owner); owns eight other FMs and three AMs, including KAGL(FM), KELD(AM)-KIXB(FM) and KXZX(FM) (formerly KBYB), El Dorado

Seller: Jerome Orr, Baton Rouge, La.; no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 101.5 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 328 ft.

Format: R&B

WSJD(FM) Princeton/Evansville, Ind.

Price: $1,000 plus payment of debt

Buyer: WSJD Inc., Nashville, Tenn. (Michelle E. Hulse, president/owner); no other broadcast interests

Seller: Randolph Victor Bell, Evansville. Bell is president of companies that own one FM and two AMS, all Tennessee.

Facilities: 100.5 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 328 ft.

Format: AC


WKDM (formerly WINX) Rockville, Md./Washington

Price: $800,000

Buyer: Multicultural Radio Broadcasting Inc., New York (Arthur S. Liu, president/51% owner); owns 14 other AMs and one FM, none in Maryland or Washington, D.C. Liu also is president/51% owner of Way Broadcasting Inc., which owns 11 AMs and one FM, including WZHF(AM) Arlington, Va./Washington, WKDV(AM) Manassas, Va./Washington and WKCW(AM) Warrenton, Va./Washington. Liu also owns KMRB(AM) San Gabriel, Calif., and KCHN(AM) Brookshire, Texas, and 50% of KALI-FM Santa Ana, Calif.

Seller: Mega Communications LLC, Silver Spring, Md. (Alfredo Alonso, president); owns 13 AMs and four FMs, including WBZS(AM ) and WKDL(AM) Washington, WINX(AM ) Rockville/Washington and WPLC(FM) Warrenton, Va./Washington. Note: Mega bought WKDM in a deal valued at $45 million: $24.5 million cash and WZHF(AM) Arlington, Va./Washington and WKDV(AM) Manassas, Va./Washington (Changing Hands, April 24, 2000)

Facilities: 1600 kHz, 1 kW day, 500 W night

Format: Talk and info

WHGR Houghton Lake/Mount Pleasant, Mich.

Price: $250,000 cash

Buyer: Clear Channel (see preceding items)

Seller: Coltrace Communications Inc., Mount Pleasant (John M. Salov, president); owns WUPS(FM) Houghton Lake/Mount Pleasant (via Concord Media Group Inc., which is assigning its deal to buy WHGR from Coltrace to Clear Channel)

Facilities: 1290 kHz, 4.9 kW day

Format: Nostalgia, easy listening, MOR

WRAB Arab/Huntsville, Ala.

Price: $163,000

Buyer: Reed Broadcasting L.L.C., Arab (Edwin H. Reed, 100% member); no other broadcast interests

Seller: Arab Broadcasting Inc., Arab (Robert F. Scofield, president); no other broadcast interests. Note: Scofield bought 75% of WRAB for $105,000 (Changing Hands, March 13, 2000)

Facilities: 1380 kHz, 1 kW day

Format: Country

WTAL Tallahassee, Fla.

Price: $135,000

Buyer: Unique Broadcasting L.L.C., Fairview, Tenn. (John H. Wiggins, manager/owner); owns KKJW(FM) Stanton, Texas. Wiggins is buying CP for WJHW(FM) Bainbridge, Ga.

Seller: Rebus Inc., Tallahassee (Thomas P. Llewellyn, vice president); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 1450 kHz, 1 kW

Format: Dark (was talk)

Construction permit for new AM in Pierre, S.D.

Price: $112,500 cash

Buyer: James River Broadcasting Co., Valley City, N.D. (Robert E. Ingstad, president/owner); owns two AMs and three FMs in S.D., including KGFX(AM) Pierre. Ingstad owns KGFX-FM Pierre and owns/controls eight other AMs and 11 other FMs in four states, including South Dakota

Seller: Lee O. Axdahl, Sioux Falls, S.D.

Facilities: 1450 kHz

KADS Elk City, Okla.

Price: $15,000

Buyer: Paragon Communications Inc., Elk City (Blake Brewer, president/owner); owns KECO(FM) and KXOO(FM) Elk City

Seller: Fuchs Radio Inc., Hobart, Okla. (Chad Fuchs, president/co-owner); owns KTIJ(FM) Elk City and KTJS(AM) Hobart. Note: Fuchs bought KADS for $60,000 in 1996

Facilities: 1240 kHz, 1 kw

Format: Talk

KBSZ Wickenburg, Ariz.

Price: $15,000

Buyers : Richard and JoAnn R. Peterson, Wickenburg (to be co-owners); no other broadcast interests

Seller: SBD Broadcasting Inc., Washington (Harold R. Shumway, president); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 1250 kHz, 350 W day, 202 W night

Format: Oldies

51% of WCIE Spring Lake/Raeford, N.C.

Price: $10 plus assumption of debt

Buyer: Astrakel International Ltd., Fayetteville, N.C. (Ashley A. Bordeaux, officer/15% owner); no other broadcast interests

Seller: Colonial Radio Group Inc., Fayetteville (Jeffrey M. Andrulonis, president). Andrulonis owns WFAY(AM) Fayetteville

Facilities: 1450 kHz, 1 kW

Format: Gospel, education

KZIP Amarillo, Texas

Price: $10 cash (for stock)

Buyer: Jorge Arturo Veloz, Midland, Texas; no other broadcast interests

Seller: Del Norte Communications Inc., Midland (Graciela Rayos and Manuel Veloz Jr., grantors); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 1310 kHz, 1 kW day

Format: Spanish

WDVM (formerly WEIO) Eau Claire, Wis.

Price: $0 (donation)

Buyer: Starboard Broadcasting Inc. (formerly Christ the King Communications Inc.), Green Bay, Wis. (Stephen Gajdosik, president/33% owner); is buying WJOK(AM) Kaukuna, WAUX(AM) Lake Geneva, WZRK(FM) (formerly WXEC) Nekoosa/Hancock and WIBU(AM) Poynette/Madison, all Wis.

Seller: Totus Tuus Communications Inc., Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. (Stephen Gajdosik, president/president of buyer); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 1050 kHz, 1 kW day, 500 W night

Format: Religion

WBVA Bayside, Va.

Price: Assumption of debt

Buyer: Ronald W. Cowan Jr., Virginia Beach, Va.; vice president of seller; owns WVAB(AM) Virginia Beach/Norfolk

Seller: 1450 Corp., Virginia Beach (Tanya D. Cowan, president/sister of buyer); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 1450 kHz, 1 kW

Format: Talk

WYRV Cedar Bluff, Va./Bluefield, W.Va.

Price: Assumption of debt

Buyer: Faith Christian Music Broadcasting Ministries Inc., Cedar Bluff (Bradley Ratliff, president); no other broadcast interests

Seller: Faith Communications Inc., Cedar Bluff (Bradley Ratliff, president); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 770 kHz, 5 kW day

Format: Southern gospel

Station Trades

By dollar volume and number of sales; does not include mergers or acquisitions involving substantial non-station assets


TV/Radio - $0 - 0

TVs - $0 - 0

Combos - $131,080,000 - 5

FMs - $6,250,000 - 3

AMs - $51,062,000 - 8

Total - $188,392,000 - 16

SO FAR IN 2001

TV/Radio - $2,133,450 - 1

TVs - $559,480,139 - 17

Combos - $3,406,755,717 - 74

FMs - $516,442,768 - 106

AMs - $139,278,885 - 77

Total - $4,624,090,959 - 275