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CombosKBYO(AM) and -FM Tallulah, La.PRICE: $450,000BUYER: Holladay Broadcasting (Bob Holladay, president); owns six other stations, none in this marketSELLER: Tiger Communications Inc. (Everett Stroop, president)FACILITIES: KBYO-FM: 104.5 MHz, 25 kW, ant. 328 ft. KBYO(AM): 1360 kHz, 500 W dayFORMAT: KBYO-FM: Country; KBYO(AM): Gospel/R&BBROKER: Bill Whitley, Media Services GroupFMsKVNA-FM Flagstaff (Flagstaff-Prescott), Ariz.PRICE: $4.65 millionBUYER: 3 Points Media LLC (Bruce Buzil, manager); owns four other stations, including KKLD-FM Flagstaff-PrescottSELLER: Seeger, Guest and Fort (Edward F. Seeger, president)FACILITIES: 97.5 MHz, 43 kW, ant. 1,509 ft.FORMAT: ACKAZZ-FM Deer Park (Spokane), Wash.PRICE: $1 millionBUYER: 3 Points Media LLC (Bruce Buzil, manager); owns four other stations, none in this marketSELLER: Barbara KazmarkFACILITIES: 107.1 MHz, 25 kW, ant. 253 ft.FORMAT: Adult StandardBROKER: Austin Walsh, Media Services GroupWPDQ-FM Freehold Township (Monmouth-Ocean), N.J.PRICE: $875,000BUYER: Bridgelight Corp. (Chris McCarrack, VP); no other broadcast interestsSELLER: Lazarus Elias Foundation (Bonnie Stamat, president)FACILITIES: 89.7 MHz, 10 W, ant. 105 ft.FORMAT: OldiesWVCC-FM Linesville (Meadville-Franklin), Pa.PRICE: $330,000BUYER: Vilkie Communications Inc. (Joseph M. Vilkie, president); no other broadcast interestsSELLER: WVCC Radio (Art Cervi, general manager)FACILITIES: 101.7 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 220 ft.FORMAT: Adult StandardKBNG-FM Ridgway, Ariz.PRICE: $300,000BUYER: Woodland Communications Corp. (J. Stephen Glassmann, president); owns two other stations, neither in this marketSELLER: Idaho Broadcasting Consortium (Fred Constant, president)FACILITIES: 103.7 MHz, 4 kW, ant. 1,575 ft.FORMAT: CP-NOAAMsWPBI(AM) Delray Beach and WJBW(AM) Jupiter (West Palm Beach-Boca Raton), Fla.PRICE: $1.55 millionBUYER: James Crystal Enterprises (James C. Hilliard, president); owns seven other stations, including WDJA(AM), WJNA(AM) and WLVJ(AM) West Palm Beach-Boca RatonSELLER: Treasure/Space Coast Radio (Mitchell Rubenstein, CEO/director)FACILITIES: WPBI(AM): 1420 kHz, 5 kW day/460 W night; WJBW(AM): 1000 kHz, 650 W day/17 W nightFORMAT: WPBI(AM): Adult Standard; WJBW(AM): Adult StandardWAAK(AM) Dallas (Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill), N.C.PRICE: $415,000BUYER: Zybek Media LLC (Beth Howerton, managing member); no other broadcast interestsSELLER: Billy MartinFACILITIES: 960 kHz, 1 kW day/500 W nightFORMAT: GospelKXRE(AM) Manitou Springs (Colorado Springs) and KAVA(AM) Pueblo, Colo.PRICE: $350,000BUYER: Latino Communications (Zee Ferrufino, president); owns one other station, not in this marketSELLER: Council Tree Communications V LCC (Steven Hillard, president)FACILITIES: KXRE(AM): 1490 kHz, 500 W day/1 kW night; KAVA(AM): 1480 kHz, 1 kW day/107 W nightFORMAT: KXRE(AM): Mexican; KAVA(AM): SpanishWJKM(AM) Hartsville, Tenn.PRICE: $160,000BUYER: G&L Laircasters Inc. (Gary W. Frank, president/CEO); no other broadcast interestsSELLER: Twenty-Five Inc. (William Krejci Jr., president)FACILITIES: 1090 kHz, 1 kW day/2 W nightFORMAT: Variety/ACWAJF(AM) Decatur (Huntsville), Ala.PRICE: $150,000BUYER: WAJF Inc. (Ira Littman, president); no other broadcast interestsSELLER: Daniel L. OppenheimFACILITIES: 1490 kHz, 1 kWFORMAT: GospelKFYN(AM) Bonham, TexasPRICE: $150,000BUYER: Vision Media Group Inc. (C.L. Carter II, president); no other broadcast interestsSELLER: Bonham Broadcasting Inc. (Roy Floyd, president)FACILITIES: 1420 kHz, 250 W day/148 W nightFORMAT: Country/OldiesKPGM(AM) Pawhuska (Tulsa), Okla.PRICE: $130,000BUYER: Pearl Communications Group (Danny L. Hester, president/director); no other broadcast interestsSELLER: Oklahoma Area Radio Group Inc (Ron McCarter, president)FACILITIES: 1500 kHz, 500 W dayFORMAT: GospelWRIT(AM) Bamberg-Denmark, S.C.PRICE: $112,500BUYER: Voorhees College (Lee E. Monroe, president); no other broadcast interestsSELLER: Glory Communications (Alex Snipe Jr., owner)FACILITIES: 790 kHz, 1 kW day/100 W nightFORMAT: GospelKILE(AM) Bellaire (Houston-Galveston) and KWBC(AM) Navasota (Bryan-College Station), TexasPRICE: $75,000BUYER: Hereford Agri-Fuels Inc. (Jerome Friemel, president); no other broadcast interestsSELLER: The Raftt Corp. (Jerome Friemel, president)FACILITIES: KILE(AM): 1560 kHz, 800 W day; KWBC(AM): 1550 kHz, 250 W dayFORMAT: KILE(AM): Ethnic; KWBC(AM): News/TalkCOMMENT: Hereford Agri-Fuels is purchasing all the stock in Raftt Corp. for $75,000. The principal in both companies is Jerome Friemel, so the ultimate control of the station will not change, but a new, non-profit organization is being formed

Information provided by: BIA Financial Networks' Media Access Pro, Chantilly, Va.,