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WOWK-TV Huntington, W.Va.

Price: $40.5 million

Buyer: Cary Communications (Albert B. Cary, Jr., CEO). Buyer also owns WBOY-TV Clarksburg, W.Va.

Seller: SJL Communications LP (George Lilly, president)

Facilities: Ch. 13, 141 kW, ant. 1,270 ft.

Affiliation: Fox

KXGR-TV Green Valley, Ariz.

Price: $12.3 million

Buyer: Univision Communications Inc., the Spanish-language network and No. 7 TV-group owner (A. Jerrold Perenchio, chairman/CEO)

Seller: Pan(AM)erican Technology Group LLC (Donald E. Ledwig Jr., managing member)

Facilities: Ch. 46, 68 kW, ant. 3,593 ft.

Affiliation: Pax

WUHF-TV Rochester, N.Y.

Buyer: Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc., No. 10 TV-group owner (David D. Smith, President/CEO)

Price: Assumption of liabilities

Seller: BS&L Broadcasting (Joseph Koff, president)

Facilities: Ch. 39, 5,000 kW, ant. 499 ft.

Affiliation: Fox


KBMR(AM), KXMR(AM), KQDY-FM and KSSS-FM Bismarck, N.D.

Price: $4.2 million

Buyer: James Ingstad; owns three other stations, including KCHK(AM)-FM Minneapolis, but none in this market

Seller: Anderson Broadcasting Co. Inc. (Dennis Anderson, president)

Facilities: KBMR(AM): 1130 kHz, 10 kW day; KXMR(AM): 710 kHz, 50 kW day, 4 kW night; KQDY-FM: 94.5 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 1,119 ft.; KSSS-FM: 101.5 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 988 ft.

Format: KBMR(AM): country; KXMR(AM); news/talk; KQDY-FM: country; KSSS-FM: classic rock

KONA(AM) and KONA-FM Kennewick (Richland-Kennewick-Pasco), Wash.

Price: $4.13 million

Buyer: Commonwealth Communications LLC (Dex Allen, president); owns 21 other stations, including KOWL(AM)-KRLT(FM) Sacramento, Calif., but none in this market

Seller: Dean-Mitchell Inc. (Dean Mitchell, president)

Facilities: KONA(AM): 610 kHz, 5 kW day, 5 kW night; KONA-FM: 105.3 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 1,139 ft.

Format: KONA(AM): news/talk/sports; KONA-FM: easy

WCMA(AM) and WADI-FM Corinth, Miss.

Price: $330,000

Buyer: Power Valley Communications Inc. (Rick Biddle, president); no other broadcast interests

Seller: Janice T. Jobe

Facilities: WCMA(AM): 1230 kHz, 1 kW; WADI-FM: 95.3 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 213 ft.

Format: WCMA(AM): country; WADI-FM: country

Broker: Media Services Group

KLTK(AM) and KWMQ-FM South West City, Mo.

Price: $350,000

Buyer: Kerm Inc. (Kermit Womack, president); owns three other stations, including KURM(AM) Fayetteville, Ark., but none in this market

Seller: Drake Communications Inc (Jeffrey M. Hutton, president)

Facilities: KLTK(AM): 1140 kHz, 200 W; KWMQ-FM: 100.3 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 328 ft.

Format: KLTK(AM): sports/talk; KWMQ-FM: soft AC/talk

KIDI-FM Guadalupe and KTAP(AM) Santa Maria (Santa Maria-Lompoc), Calif.

Price: $260,000

Buyer: Emerald Wave Media (George A. Ruiz, president); no other broadcast interests

Seller: Palma Ann Case

Facilities: KIDI-FM: 105.5 MHz, 350 W, ant. 1,342 ft.; KTAP(AM): 1600 kHz, 470 W

Format: KIDI-FM: Spanish; KTAP(AM): Mexican


WGVC-FM Newberry (Columbia), S.C.

Price: $4 million

Buyer: Barnstable Broadcasting Inc. (Michael Kaneb, president/COO); owns 17 other stations, including WBZO(FM) Nassau-Suffolk, N.Y., but none in this market

Seller: Sutton Radiocasting Corp. (Douglas M. Sutton Jr., chairman/CEO)

Facilities: 106.3 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 328 ft.

Format: Rhythmic/oldies

WYNT-FM Upper Sandusky, Ohio

Price: $825,000

Buyer: Clear Channel Communications (Randy Michaels, chairman/CEO, Radio); No. 1 radio group owns 1,213 other stations, none in this market

Seller: US Communications Inc. (Forrest Whitehead, owner)

Facilities: 95.9 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 299 ft.

Format: AC/country

WFCT-FM Apalachicola, Fla.

Price: $650,000

Buyer: Williams Communications Inc. (Walton E. Williams Sr., president); owns three other stations, including WRHY(FM) Centre, Ala., but none in this market

Seller: Staton Broadcasting Inc. (Cecil P. Staton Jr., president)

Facilities: 105.5 MHz, 50 kW, ant. 328 ft.

Format: Adult standards

Broker: Gordon Rice of Gordon Rice Associates

KCGL-FM Powell, Wyo.

Price: $450,000

Buyer: Legend Communications LLC (W. Lawrence Patrick, president); owns 11 other stations, including WJEH(AM) Gallipolis, Ohio, but none in this market

Seller: Powell Broadcasting Inc. (Jan C. Gray, principal)

Facilities: 104.1 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 1,795 ft.

Format: Classic rock

Broker: Patrick Communications


WBLY(AM) Springfield (Dayton), Ohio

Price: $250,000

Buyer: Urban Light Ministries Inc (Eli Williams, president); no other broadcast interests

Seller: Ronald Yontz

Facilities: 1600 kHz, 1 kW day, 34 W night

Format: Talk

WZNN(AM) Lexington (Florence-Muscle Shoals), Ala.

Price: $100,000

Buyer: Manuel Huerta; no other broadcast interests

Seller: Richard Dabney

Facilities: 620 kHz, 5 kW day, 99 W night

Format: Sports

—Information provided by BIA Financial Networks' Media Access Pro,Chantilly, Va.