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Changing Hands

Station Trades

By dollar volume and number of sales; does not include mergers or acquisitions involving substantial non-station assets


TV/Radio - $0 - 0

TVs - $0 - 0

Combos - $48,518,000 - 4

FMs - $21,644,000 - 5

AMs - $0 - 0

Total - $70,162,000 - 9

SO FAR IN 2001

TV/Radio - $200,000,000 - 1

TVs - $574,304,028 - 26

Combos - $2,843,744,572 - 73

FMs - $469,744,572 - 139

AMs - $125,754,661 - 93

Total - $4,213,274,816 - 332


KROF(AM), KPEL-FM Abbeville, KFTE-FM Breaux Bridge, KRKA-FM Erath, KMDL-FM Kaplan, KPEL(AM) and KTDY-FM Lafayette, all La.

Price: $39.6 million

Buyer: Regent Communications Inc. (Terry Jacobs, chairman/CEO); owns 54 other stations, none in this market

Seller: Communications Corp. of America (Thomas R. Galloway Sr., CEO)

Facilities: KROF(AM): 960 kHz, 1 kW day, 95 W night; KPEL-FM: 105.1 MHz, 25 kW, ant. 292 ft.; KFTE-FM: 96.5 MHz, 42 kW, ant. 535 ft.; KRKA-FM: 107.9 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 863 ft.; KMDL-FM: 97.3 MHz, 38 kW, ant. 561 ft.; KPEL(AM): 1420 kHz, 1 kW day, 750 W night; KTDY-FM: 99.9 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 984 ft.

Format: KROF(AM): adult standard; KPEL-FM: news/talk; KFTE-FM: alternative; KRKA-FM: classic rock; KMDL-FM: country; KPEL(AM): sports; KTDY-FM: AC

Broker: Media Venture Partners

KYOS(AM), KABX-FM and KIBG(FM) Merced, Calif.

Price: $4.3 million

Buyer: Mapleton Communications (Michael Menerey, president); owns 10 other stations, including KAXW(AM) Merced, KJMQ(FM) Atwater and KLOQ-FM Winton, all Calif.

Seller: Merced Radio Partners (Edward Hoyt Jr., president)

Facilities: KYOS(AM): 1480 kHz, 5 kW; KABX-FM: 97.5 MHz, 9 kW, ant. 1,161 ft.; KIBG(FM): 106.3 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 476 ft.

Format: KYOS(AM): news/talk; KABX-FM: oldies; KIBG(FM): AC

Broker: Elliot B. Evers of Media Venture Partners and Patrick Communications

WCED(AM) and WMOU-FM Du Bois, Pa.

Price: $4.2 million

Buyer: First Media (Alex Kolobielski, president); owns six other stations, none in this market

Seller: Vox Media Corp. (Jeff Shapiro, president)

Facilities: WCED(AM): 1420 kHz, 5 kW day, 500 W night; WMOU-FM: 102.1 MHz, 28 kW, ant. 663 ft.

Format: WCED(AM): oldies; WMOU-FM: country

50% of KMOZ(AM)-KDAA(FM) Rolla, Mo.

Price: $418,000 (assumption of debt)

Buyer: Mahaffey Enterprises Inc., Springfield, Mo. (Robert B. Mahaffey, president; John B. Mahaffey as trustee, 50% owner/father of president); to be 100% owner. Robert Mahaffey owns KGFY(FM) and KVRO(FM) Stillwater, Okla., and 50.4% of three FMs and one AM, all Kansas; has interest in KTTR(AM)-KZNN(FM) Rolla and KSPI-AM-FM Stillwater, Okla.; has applied to build FM in Doolittle, Mo.

Seller: Stillwater Broadcasting LLC, Springfield (Robert B. Mahaffey, member). Note: Mahaffey and his father bought KMOZ-KDAA for $850,000 (Changing Hands, May 22, 2000)

Facilities: KMOZ(AM): 1590 kHz, 1 kW day, 88 W night; KDAA(FM): 97.5 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 292 ft.

Format: KMOZ(AM): adult pop standards; KDAA(FM): AC


KPXC(FM) Indian Springs/Las Vegas, Nev.

Price: $16 million cash

Buyer: Hispanic Broadcasting Corp., Dallas (McHenry T. Tichenor Jr., president/3.9% owner; Clear Channel Communications Inc., 26% owner); owns/is buying 48 other radios, including one FM and one AM in Las Vegas

Seller: Claire B. Benezra

Facilities: 99.3 MHz, 100 W (to be 100 kW), ant. -417 ft.

Format: To be Hispanic

Broker: Kalil & Co. Inc.

KRCY(FM) Kingman, Ariz.

Price: $4 million

Buyer: Spectrum Scan LLC (Rodney A. Burbridge, president, Rodco Inc.); no other broadcast interests

Seller: Hualapai Broadcasters Inc. (Rick Murphy, vice president)

Facilities: 105.9 MHz, 17 kW, ant. 1,890 ft.

Format: Oldies

KMJI-FM Ashdown (Texarkana), Ark.

Price: $1.5 million (includes noncompete agreement)

Buyer: Clear Channel Communications (L. Lowry Mays, chairman; Randy Michaels, CEO, Clear Channel Radio); owns 1,202 other stations, including KKYR(AM) and -FM, KPWW-FM and KYGL-FM, all Texarkana

Seller: Bunyard Broadcasting (Jay W. Bunyard, president/CEO)

Facilities: 93.3 MHz, 7 kW, ant. 597 ft.

Format: AC

WAQV(FM) Crystal River and WHIJ(FM) Ocala, Fla.

Price: $80,000

Buyer: Radio Training Network Inc. (Jim Campbell, president); owns 10 other stations, none in this market

Seller: Ocala Word of Faith Church Inc. (Mike Pugliese, general manager)

Facilities: WAQV(FM): 90.9 MHz, 4 kW, ant. 331 ft.; WHIJ(FM): 88.1 MHz, 1 kW, ant. 394 ft.

Format: WAQV(FM): Christian contemporary/inspiration/gospel; WHIJ(FM): Christian contemporary/ inspiration/gospel

Construction permit for WJIC(FM) Zanesville, Ohio

Price: $64,000

Buyer: VCY America Inc. (Victor Eliason, vice president); owns eight other stations, none in this market.

Seller: Riverside Youth and Rehabilitation (Carl Sullivan, president)

Facilities: 91.7 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 328 ft.