Changing Hands

CombosWTCF-FM Carrollton, WCEN-FM Hemlock, WSGW(AM), WGER-FM and WTLZ-FM Saginaw (Saginaw-Bay City-Midland), Mich.Price: $55.5 millionBuyer: NextMedia Group (Skip Weller, president/co-COO); owns 56 other stations, none in this marketSeller: Wilks Broadcasting LLC (Jeff Wilks, CEO)Facilities: WTCF-FM: 100.5 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 328 ft.; WCEN-FM: 94.5 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 981 ft.; WSGW(AM): 790 kHz, 5 kW day/1 kW night; WGER-FM: 106.3 MHz, 4 kW, ant. 381 ft.; WTLZ-FM: 107.1 MHz, 5 kW, ant. 361 ft.Format: WTCF-FM: Hot AC; WCEN-FM: Country; WSGW(AM): News/Talk; WGER-FM: Soft Rock; WTLZ-FM: Urban ACKBIX(AM) Muskogee and KHJM-FM Taft, Okla.Price: $1 millionBuyer: Stephens Family LP (Michael P. Stephens, president); owns nine other stations, including KMMY-FM MuskogeeSeller: Taft Broadcasting Inc. (Bryant W. Ellis, president)Facilities: KBIX(AM): 1490 kHz, 450 W day; KHJM-FM: 100.3 MHz, 4 kW, ant. 410 ft.Format: KBIX(AM): Oldies; KHJM-FM: GospelWZKR-FM Decatur, Miss.Price: $800,000Buyer: Ponytail Broadcasting LLC (William T. Smith, president); no other broadcast interestsSeller: Rainey Broadcasting Inc. (Kenneth Rainey, president/director)Facilities: 103.3 MHz, 5 kW, ant. 591 ft.Format: Adult HitsWHFD-FM Lawrenceville and WHLF(AM) South Boston, Va.Price: $250,000Buyer: J&J Broadcasting Inc. (Katrina T. Chase, president); no other broadcast interestsSeller: Willis Broadcasting Corp. (Levi E. Willis, president)Facilities: WHFD-FM: 105.5 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 154 ft.; WHLF(AM): 1400 kHz, 1 kWFormat: WHFD-FM: dark; WHLF(AM): darkFMsWXGV-FM Fernandina Beach and WYGV-FM St. Augustine Beach (Jacksonville), Fla.Price: $8.5 millionBuyer: Tama Broadcasting Inc. (Glen Cherry, president); owns five other stations, including WHJX-FM JacksonvilleSeller: Mondosphere Broadcasting (Clifford Burnstein, co-president)Facilities: WXGV-FM: 105.3 MHz, 4 kW, ant. 410 ft.; WYGV-FM: 105.5 MHz, 16 kW, ant. 410 ft.Format: WXGV-FM: Hot AC; WYGV-FM: Hot ACBroker: Tony Rizzo of Blackburn and Co. Inc. and Joe Rapchak of Blackburn and Co. Inc.WYLT-FM Fort Wayne and WEXI-FM Huntington (Ft. Wayne), Ind.Price: $4 millionBuyer: Travis Broadcasting (Karen Travis, president); owns six other stations, including WGL (AM), WCKZ-FM, WNHT-FM and WXTW-FM Fort Wayne.Seller: Taylor Broadcast Group (Robert Taylor, president)Facilities: WYLT-FM: 103.9 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 328 ft.; WEXI-FM: 102.9 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 299 ft.Format: WYLT-FM: AC; WEXI-FM: Modern RockCP Mount Horeb (Madison), Wis.Price: $2.17 millionBuyer: Mid-West Family Broadcast Group (Thomas A. Walker, COO/director); owns 22 other stations, including WTDA(AM), WTDY(AM), WTUX(AM), WJJO-FM, WMGN-FM and WWQM-FM MadisonSeller: Magnum Radio Inc. (David R. Magnum, president)Facilities: 106.7 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 479 ft.Format: CP—NOABroker: Kalil and Co. Inc.WGPM-FM Farmville and WCZI-FM Washington (Greenville-New Bern-Jacksonville), N.C.Price: $3 millionBuyer: Archway Broadcasting Group LLC (Al Vicente, president/CEO); owns four other stations: WCBZ-FM, WNBR-FM, WRHT-FM and WZBR-FM Greenville-New Bern-JacksonvilleSeller: New East Communications Inc. (Henry W. Hinton Jr., president)Facilities: WGPM-FM: 94.3 MHz, 2 kW, ant. 407 ft.; WCZI-FM: 98.3 MHz, 1 kW, ant. 489 ft.Format: WGPM-FM: Soft Rock; WCZI-FM: News/Talk/SportsWVOD-FM Manteo (Elizabeth City-Nags Head), N.C.Price: $1 millionBuyer: Convergent Broadcasting LLC (Bruce Biette, president/COO); owns two other stations: WNHW-FM and WYND-FM Elizabeth City-Nags HeadSeller: Orbit Communications Inc. (Jennifer Frost, president)Facilities: 99.1 MHz, 50 kW, ant. 492 ft.Format: AAABroker: George Reed of Media Services GroupAMsWSRO(AM) Watertown (Boston), Mass.Price: $1.8 millionBuyer: Multicultural Radio Broadcasting Inc. (Arthur Liu, president); owns 31 other stations, including WLYN(AM) BostonSeller: Langer Broadcasting Corp. (Alexander Langer, president)Facilities: 1470 kHz, 1 kW day/3 kW nightFormat: TalkKALY(AM) Los Ranchos De Albuquerque (Albuquerque), N.M.Price: $650,000Buyer: ABC Radio Inc. (John Hare, president, ABC Radio); owns 68 other stations, none in this marketSeller: Septien and Associates (Gloria Septien, owner/GM)Facilities: 1240 kHz, 1 kWFormat: MexicanBroker: Bill Whitley of Media Services GroupWPAO(AM) Farrell (Youngstown-Warren), Pa.Price: $350,000, $100,000 of which will be paid in a tax-relief donationBuyer: Holy Family Communications (James Wright, president); owns one other station, not in this marketSeller: D&E Communications Inc. (Dale Edwards, president)Facilities: 1470 kHz, 1 kW day/500 W nightFormat: Christian

—Information provided by BIA Financial Networks' Media Access Pro, Chantilly,