Changing Hands


WSCP(AM) Sandy Creek-WSCP-FM Pulaski, N.Y.

Price: $400,000

Buyer: Galaxy Communications LP, Syracuse, N.Y. (Ed Levine and Robert Raide, principals); owns 10 other radios

Seller: Tri-County Broadcasters Inc., Sandy Creek (Kevin Walker, president); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: AM: 1070 kHz, 2.5 kW day; FM: 101.7 MHz, 2.5 kW, ant. 364.1ft.

Format: Both country

Broker: Ray H. Rosenblum


KFXM(FM) Temecula/North San Diego, Calif.

Price: $6.225 million (at auction)

Buyer: Clear Channel Communications Inc., San Antonio (L. Lowry Mays, chairman; Randy Michaels, CEO, Clear Channel Radio); owns/is buying 17 TVs and about 1,146 other radios, including five FMs and three AMs in San Diego

Seller: Newco Temecula LLC, Hemet, Calif. (William B. Hull, president); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 103.3 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 715 ft.

Format: Country classics

70% of WCUP L'Anse, Mich.

Price: $176,000 (for debt)

Buyer: Keweenaw Bay Indian Community, Baraga, Mich. (Leonard "Bill" Cardinal, chairman/8% owner); already owns 30% of WCUP; will divest 30% of WUPY(FM) Ontonagon to seller

Seller: L'Anse Broadcasting Inc., Ontonagon, Mich. (Robert M. "Skip" and Sandra K. Schulz, owners); owns 70% of WUPY

Facilities: 105.7 MHz, 50 kW, ant. 492 ft.

Format: Country

KEAL(FM) Douglas, Ariz.

Price: $137,500

Buyer: Cochise Broadcasting LLC, Tucson, Ariz. (Ted Tucker, 50% managing member); no other broadcast interests

Seller: Unicorn Communications Inc., Douglas (R. Lavance Carson, president/majority owner); also selling KAPR(AM) Douglas (see below). Carson also owns two FMs and one AM, Michigan

Facilities: 95.3 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 210 ft

Format: Regional Mexican

KYYT(FM) Goldendale, Wash.

Price: $0 (donation)

Buyer: Haystack Broadcasting Inc., Goldendale (Colin B. Malcom, president/66% owner/seller); no other broadcast interests

Seller: Colin B. Malcom, The Dalles, Ore.; owns 97% of KLCK(AM) Goldendale

Facilities: 102.3 MHz, 1.8 kW, ant. 574 ft.

Format: Country

Construction permit for WYKW(FM) Shelbyville, Tenn.

Price: $0

Buyer: American Family Association Inc., Tupelo, Miss. (Donald E. Wildmon, president); owns/is buying at least 105 FMs and CPs for, Tenn other FMs

Seller: Abundant Life Broadcasting, Jackson. (Tamara Durham, vice president); is buying 10 radio stations

Facilities: Not available

Format: To be Christian


WIRA Fort Pierce, Fla.

$350,000 (includes two-year noncompete agreement)

Buyer: Port St. Lucie Broadcasters Inc., Port St. Lucie, Fla. (Carol Hutchison Wyatt and John Gregory Wyatt, co-owners); owns WPSL(AM) Port St. Lucie/Fort Pierce

Seller: Genesis Communications I Inc., Atlanta (Bruce C. Maduri, president; Starter Enterprises Inc., parent [Maduri, 64.6% owner]); owns five AMs, all Florida. Note: Genesis bought WIRA for $200,000 cash (Changing Hands, May 15, 2000)

Facilities: 1400 kHz, 1 kW

Format: Nostaliga, big band, oldies

KAPR Douglas, Ariz.

Price: $187,500

Buyer: Good News Radio Broadcasting Inc., Tucson, Ariz. (Douglas E. Martin, president); owns KGMS(AM) and KVOI(AM) Tucson; is buying KJAA(AM) Globe and KNXN(AM) Sierra Vista, Ariz.

Seller: Unicorn Communications (see KEAL[FM] item, above)

Facilities: 930 kHz, 2.5 kW day

Classic hits

WFOG (formerly WRHD) Riverhead, N.Y.

Price: $80,000Buyer: Five Towns College, Dix Hills, N.Y. (David M. Cohen, dean of administration); no other broadcast interests

Seller: IW LLC, Newton, Mass. (Albert J. Kaneb, manager); owns WGSM(AM) Huntington, WRCN-FM Riverhead and WMJC(FM) Smithtown, N.Y.; has TBA with WLVG(FM) Center Moriches, N.Y. Kaneb is chairman of Barnstable Broadcasting Co., which owns/is buying 17 other FMs and five other AMs. Kaneb also owns/has interest in 16 more FMs and eight more AMs

Facilities: 1570 kHz, 1 kW day, 500 W night

Format: Classic hits, rock (duplicates WRCN-FM)

WABL Amite, La.

Price: $70,000

Buyer: Spotlight Broadcasting LLC, Morgan City, La. (Patrick M. Andras, 100% member); owns KMRC(AM) Morgan City

Seller: Amite Broadcasting Inc., Amite (Henry Harrison, president); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 1570 kHz, 500 W day

News/talk, C&W

70% of KOFE St. Maries, Idaho

Price: $1,000

Buyer: Kelley McCormick, San Antonio; already owns 30% of KOFE

Sellers: Fleming Trust (40% member) and Bobby G. Meadows (trustee/30% member), San Antonio; no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 1240 kHz, 1 kW day, 500 W night

Format: Country

Station Trades

By dollar volume and number of sales; does not include mergers or acquisitions involving substantial non-station assets


TV/Radio - $0 - 0

TVs - $0 - 0

Combos - $400,000 - 1

FMs - $6,538,000 - 5

AMs - $688,500 - 5

Total - $7,626,500 - 11

SO FAR IN 2001

TV/Radio - $200,000,000 - 1

TVs - $418,540,000 - 15

Combos - $2,438,767,820 - 40

FMs - $144,885,900 - 82

AMs - $77,553,311 - 60

Total - $3,279,747,031 - 198