Changing Hands


KTBU Conroe, Texas
PRICE: $6 million
BUYER: Channel 55 Broadcasting LLC (Donald E. Iloff Jr., manager)
SELLER: Humanity Interested Media Inc. (Rhonda Saldivar, board member)
FACILITIES: Ch. 55, 5000 kW, ant. 1814 ft.
COMMENT: Channel 55 Broadcasting is buying Christ's Church of Conroe's 49.995% interest plus Montgomery County Media Network's 1% interest in Humanity Interested Media
K45IE Vail, Colo.
PRICE: $45,000
BUYER: Global Resort Television LLC (Cathleen Hancock, manager)
SELLER: Roger Mills (Roger Mills, owner)
FACILITIES: Ch. 45, 25 kW
K30HX Pahrump, Nev.PRICE: $37,500
BUYER: Hilltop Church (Vernon Miller, head elder)
SELLER: Powell Meredith Communications (Amy S. Meredith, president)
FACILITIES: Ch. 30, 50 kW
BROKER: Chris Kidd


WEBQ(FM) Eldorado and WEBQ(AM) Harrisburg, Ill.
PRICE: $450,000
BUYER: Withers Broadcasting Co. (W. Russell Withers Jr., president); owns 19 other stations, none in this market
SELLER: Visher Choate II (Bell T. Choate, general partner)
FACILITIES: WEBQ(FM): 102.3 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 299 ft.; WEBQ(AM): 1240 kHz, 1 kW
KTMC(AM) and KTMC(FM) McAlester, Okla.
PRICE: $444,445
BUYER: Southeastern Oklahoma Radio LLC (Richard C. Lerbrance, member); owns two other stations, KNED(AM) and KMCO(FM) McAlester
SELLER: Little Dixie Radio (Paul Brown, general manager)
FACILITIES: KTMC(AM): 1400 kHz, 1 kW; KTMC(FM): 105.1 MHz, 2 kW, ant. 505 ft.
FORMAT: KTMC(AM): Nostalgia; KTMC(FM): Rock


WKMX(FM) Enterprise (Dothan), Ala.
PRICE: $4.5 million
BUYER: Styles Media Group LLC (Thomas A. DiBacco, managing member); owns 13 other stations, including WQLS(AM), WJRL(FM), WTVY(FM) and WXUS(FM) Dothan
SELLER: WKMX Inc. (Wallace Miller, president)
FACILITIES: 106.7 MHz, 100 kW, ant 1070 ft.
FORMAT: Hot AC/Top40
KSTR(FM) Montrose (Grand Junction), Colo.
PRICE: $900,000
BUYER: MBC Grand (Richard Dean, head); owns no other stations
SELLER: Leggett Broadcasting (Brad Leggett, general manager)
FACILITIES: 96.1 MHz, 91 kW, ant. 1,099 ft.
FORMAT: '80s Hits
BROKER: Jody McCoy of Media Services Group
KESC(FM) Wilburton, Okla.
PRICE: $766,666
BUYER: KESC Enterprises LLC (Richard C. Lerbrance, member); owns no other stations
SELLER: Little Dixie Radio (Paul Brown, general manager)
FACILITIES: 103.7 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 607 ft.
KSCQ(FM) Silver City, N.M.
PRICE: $325,000
BUYER: Michael and Linda Rowse (Michael Rowse, president/director); owns no other stations
SELLER: Hunter Investments (Michael W. Chintis, executor)
FACILITIES: 92.9 MHz, 12 kW, ant. 1,024 ft.
KFIF(FM) Soda Springs, Idaho
PRICE: $234,000
BUYER: Tri-State Media Corp. (Keith Martindale, president); owns no other stations
SELLER: Douglas R. Mathis
FACILITIES: 100.1 MHz, 3 kW, ant. -276 ft.
FORMAT: Country
COMMENT: Tri-State Media is 50% owned by Tri-States Broadcasting LLC and 50% owned by Legacy Communications Corp.


KLAV(AM) Las Vegas
PRICE: $3.2 million
BUYER: AIM Broadcasting Las Vegas LLC (N. John Douglas, president/CEO); owns no other stations
SELLER: Gore-Overgaard Broadcasting Inc. (Harold W. Gore, chairman, CEO, treasurer)
FACILITIES: 1230 kHz, 1 kW
FORMAT: Information/Talk
BROKER: Chester P. Coleman of American Radio Brokers Inc.
WGSP(AM) Charlotte (Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill), N.C.
PRICE: $2 million
BUYER: The Norsan Group (Norberto Sanchez); owns no other stations
SELLER: Willis Family Broadcasting (Celestine Willis, president)
FACILITIES: 1310 kHz, 1 kW day/44 W night
FORMAT: Black Gospel
BROKER: Stan Raymond of Stan Raymond and Associates Inc.
WBZB(AM) Selma (Raleigh-Durham), N.C.
PRICE: $1.5 million
BUYER: Triangle Sports Broadcasters LLC (Robert J. Zarzour, member/manager); owns no other stations
SELLER: Bass Music Corp. (Steven A. Bass, owner)
FACILITIES: 1090 kHz, 800 W
FORMAT: Variety

Information provided by: BIA Financial Networks' Media Access Pro Chantilly, Va.,