CES: AT&T Sets Wireless Home Security Launch

Las Vegas -- AT&T plans to launch its Digital Life home security and automation service in eight U.S. markets in March -- with up to 50 additional market rollouts planned in 2013 -- with a device and back-end system developed by Cisco Systems.

The service, which uses AT&T’s nationwide wireless network, lets customers monitor and manage their homes using a smartphones, tablets or PCs.

The telco initiated trials of Digital Life in Atlanta and Dallas last year. AT&T declined to disclose pricing or identify the initial markets.

With AT&T Digital Life, customers can view live video from inside and outside the home; arm and disarm the security system, control and manage appliances, lighting and heating, ventilation and air condition (HVAC) for energy efficiency; lock or unlock doors for guests; and even detect water leaks before damage occurs.

Cisco will provide the Digital Life control panel and back-office provisioning and applications life-cycle management system.

The in-home Digital Life Controller (pictured above) includes five radios -- one-way and two-way communications radios, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi and 3G -- to support a variety of sensors, key pads and cameras. The unit’s power management features support up to a 24-hour backup and Home Plug AV to communicate with devices over the in-home power grid.

“Cisco helped us deliver on our vision to create an innovative Internet-powered service, that allows people to secure and manage their home from virtually anywhere, using any Web-connected device, regardless of their wireless or broadband provider,” AT&T Digital Life senior vice president Kevin Petersen said in a statement. “We value their CPE expertise, as the network-based Digital Life controller breaks new ground with UL-certification and a wide variety of customization features.”

The Digital Life controller can work with compatible connected devices including cameras; windows and door sensors; smoke, carbon monoxide, motion and glass break sensors; door locks; thermostats; moisture detection and water shutoff systems; and appliance and lighting controls.

More info on the service is available at www.att.com/digitallife.