CES 2010: Rovi Adds Showtime, ZillionTV Into Net-Connected CE Guide

Rovi announced that it plans to add over-the-top content from Showtime Networks and ZillionTV to its media guide solution, called TotalGuide, aimed at Internet-connected consumer electronics devices.
Rovi also is working with 15 broadcasters and other content providers throughout Europe, adding to its existing agreements with Blockbuster, CBS, the Rhapsody music service, Roxio CinemaNow and others. Previously code-named Liquid, Rovi hasn't announced any customers for TotalGuide yet.
Showtime, for its part, will use the TotalGuide as a promotional vehicle. Robert Hayes, Showtime's senior vice president and general manager of digital media, said in a statement that the programmer will provide "rich Showtime content such as video extras, free sample episodes, bios and cast interviews and other value-added content traditionally found on Web sites."
TotalGuide provides integrated search, discovery and recommendation features to access content from the Internet, broadcast services and their own personal media libraries.
"The Internet connectivity on the TV opens up more choices for the consumer. However, in order for the TV to remain the central entertainment device, consumers will need an easy way to explore those choices. Discovery and access to content needs to be a simple process," said Corey Ferengul, executive vice president of product management and marketing for Rovi Corporation. "A primary goal of Rovi's TotalGuide is to simplify the digital media experience. We believe this will drive increased purchases of digital media as well as devices."
In its demo at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, Rovi is demonstrating an integrated search capability across Internet-based promotional content from CBS and the ability to purchase or rent movies or shows from Blockbuster directly through the guide.
The early version of TotalGuide also includes integration with Flixster, a social network for movie fans, which will allow social recommendations as part of Rovi's content navigation, search and discovery experience.
To support access to premium content through TotalGuide, Rovi will be working with Widevine Technologies' video optimization and DRM solutions.