CBS Uses Set-Top-Box Data to Market 'Hawaii Five-0' To Underserved Audiences

CBS used new set-top-box data
to target underserved audiences in its marketing for Hawaii Five-0, reported

CBS worked with media agency
OMD USA, Simulmedia, which focuses its advertising campaigns through
set-top-box data, to target specific viewers during its launch of Hawaii Five-0.

"He really helped us identify underserved pockets of
audience," says CBS Marketing Group President George Schweitzer. "It wasn't
about getting a specific demographic -- say, 18-49 -- or age or education. It
was about finding viewers predisposed to watching a police drama."

Simulmedia uses data from
about 16 million set-top boxes from cable systems, satellite programmers, IPTV
video services and TiVo narrow its target audience. The company first separates
the viewers that commonly watch 10 p.m. drama on Monday nights, Hawaii Five-0's slot.

"We projected to 106 million multichannel homes that
were likely to turn on the TV on Monday at 10 p.m. They are really predictable
in terms of loyalty," said Simulmedia CEO Dave Morgan. The data was
filtered numerous times, such as excluding those loyal to other 10 p.m.
programming, and it brought the total to 10-11 million homes. Commercials aired
during cable shows that Simulmedia chose using historical preference indexes to
promote Hawaii Five-0's premiere.

One of the campaign's strongest results was getting new
potential viewers who watch television during the late afternoon, not
primetime.  Simulmedia did not reveal
demographic  or more personal information
to avoid privacy issues, but instead provided a demographic overlay to show its
target. Since recent ad budgets have not increased over the last several years,
Simulmedia's set-top-box data is "not spending more; it's spending smarter,"
said Schweitzer.