CBS top and bottom of PTC list

It was the best of nets, it was the worst of nets.

CBS shows headed up the Parents Television Council’s list of both best and
worst family-friendly shows on broadcast TV. (We think it actually means "most"
and "least" family friendly, but, hey, it’s their list.)

NBC had the most "worst" shows with four.

Best of the best was canceled Touched by an Angel; worst, says PTC,
was ratings powerhouse C.S.I.

PTC concedes that some of its picks for "worst" shows are well-written and
produced, just not "family friendly."

After Touched by an Angel, the other "bests," in order, were
DOC and Sue Thomas (both Pax), 7th Heaven (WB), Life
with Bonnie
(ABC), Smallville and Reba (both WB), Star
(CBS), The George Lopez Show and Eight Simple Rules
(both ABC).

After C.S.I., the 'worst' list followed with Kingpin (NBC),
Fastlane (Fox), NYPD Blue (ABC), Fear Factor (NBC),
Angel (WB), Girlfriends (UPN), Will & Grace (NBC),
Friends (NBC), and Big Brother 3 (CBS).