CBS Surfs Broadband in ‘Innertube’

CBS launched high-speed-video channel “Innertube” on its Web site ( Thursday, offering clips from shows like Survivor called Beyond Survivor, along with Greek to Chic and other original short-form video clips.

While CBS hopes to eventually offer full-length episodes from dozens of shows that ran previously on “The Eye Network” on the Web, along with shows that are currently on the air, the company first must reach an agreement with CBS affiliates, Nancy Tellem, president of CBS Paramount Network Television Entertainment Group, told reporters Thursday afternoon.

“We are still talking to our affiliates about it, and we’re confident that we’ll eventually reach a mutually beneficial arrangement,” Tellem said.

Among the series Tellem said CBS may eventually offer are The Brady Bunch and I Love Lucy.

Charter advertisers include Chili’s restaurant chain and Dr Pepper/Seven Up Inc., both of which are also featured in product placements on Greek to Chic.

Episodes from series that have been pulled from CBS’ primetime lineup, such as Love Monkey, will also be available on Innertube, Tellem said.

The CBS video, available on, is free and ad-supported.

While CBS was one of the first “Big Four” networks to experiment with distributing video via the Internet -- cutting a deal with Google Inc. ( last September to premiere UPN’s Everybody Hates Chris on Google Video (, rival ABC was the first broadcast network to announce plans last month to distribute primetime shows free-of-charge on its Web site (