CBS News pulls crew out of Baghdad

CBS News pulled its crew out of Baghdad Wednesday, leaving Cable News Network as the lone
major American TV news organization with staffers still in the city.

CBS correspondent Lara Logan and a three-person crew crossed over the
Iraq-Jordan border Wednesday afternoon local time without incident, CBS News
senior vice president of news coverage Marcy McGinnis said Wednesday.

McGinnis said the decision was made after close consultations.

"We just kept weighing the risk versus what we feel we were getting out of
it," she said, adding that the crew could return to Iraq at any time.

CNN's ranks in Baghdad include correspondents Nic Robertson and Rym Brahimi,
producer Ingrid Formanek and cameraman Brian Puchaty.

Robertson and Formanek were part of the CNN crew in Baghdad when the city
came under air strikes in 1991.

CNN has ceased broadcasting from the Iraqi Ministry of Information, which is
considered a target in any U.S.-led attack.

For now, the network's reports are coming by telephone from a hotel in Baghdad.

Veteran war correspondent Peter Arnett also remains in Baghdad with a
four-person crew.

He is on assignment for National Geographic Explorer and contributing reports
to NBC News and MSNBC.