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CBS, NBC Unleash a Storm of Katrina Coverage

To acknowledge the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, both CBS and NBC are planning wide-ranging coverage across all platforms. 

Brian Williams will lead the coverage on NBC with Katrina: The Long Road Back a commercial-free documentary culled from network coverage that captures images of the hurricane and it's devastating aftermath. Dateline NBC will air a report on the Lindy Boggs hospital staff in Louisiana.
Other NBC properties, including CNBC, Telemundo, and NBC Mobile plan similar coverage, and many correspondents and anchors will originate from the region.
On CBS, CBS News broadcasts--including 60 Minutes and The Early Show--will offer extensive coverage of the devastating storm and its aftermath.  CBS News, hosted by Bob Schieffer, will take an in-depth look at the recovery and rebuilding efforts in New Orleans, and he will investigate what preparations are in place should another storm hit the area. 

Two days later, The Early Show will originate from the city, and feature follow-up pieces on survivors profiled in CBS coverage last year. Harry Smith will be anchoring live from Gulfport, Mississippi on Aug. 30th, exactly one year after he landed in the city as the first network anchor on the scene. Tracy Smith will co-anchor the show from New Orleans.
On Sunday, August 27, 60 Minutes will feature an interview will New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. and CBS radio will also provide extensive coverage of the Hurricane Katrina, the one-year anniversary and its aftermath.