CBS defends airing of Pearl video

CBS' airing of parts of a videotape made by the kidnappers and killers of
reporter Daniel Pearl drew criticism from Pearl's family.

Anchor Dan Rather said the tape was aired only after great deliberation and
much editing, and it did not show the brutal slaying and decapitation of

But reporter David Martin said the tape is being used to recruit Arab
radicals to wage war against the United States. Martin added that the tape
indicates that Pearl was murdered not because he was a spy, but because he was a
Jew and an American.

'What is perhaps most shocking is that some viewers do not find it
repulsive,' Martin said.

According to the report, some young Saudis said they wished they'd been
present or had participated in the murder of Pearl.

'We believe,' Rather said, 'it is important for Americans to see it and
understand the full impact and danger of the propaganda war being waged against
the United States and its allies, and also its effect on the young people of the
Arab world.'

But Pearl's wife, Mariane, called the decision to air even parts of 'this
despicable propaganda video' heartless, and she said, 'It is beyond our
comprehension that any mother, wife, father or sister should have to relive this
horrific tragedy and watch their loved one being repeatedly terrorized.'

CBS said the family contacted the network in advance of the story.