Cavuto miffed over Microsoft, Verizon snubs

Fox News Channel anchor Neil Cavuto went on a bit of a tear last Thursday
after failing to get an interview with Microsoft Corp. and Verizon
Communications brass (the two companies are teaming up on Internet access via
digital subscriber line).

Cavuto said a Microsoft rep claimed that there wasn't time for the interview,
although time was found for CNBC and Cable News Network.

Twice during his show, Cavuto flashed numbers and electronic-mail addresses
for Microsoft on the screen, telling viewers to protest. 'If you don't like me,
you hate the show or Fox, just tell me,' he told Broadcasting &
, referring to the perceived snub.

In top-rated Fox News' newsroom, some staffers were shaking their heads.
'It's Neil being Neil,' one said, 'but people here feel that it's