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Cathy Fogler Joins Google Access

Google confirmed that Cathy Fogler, a cable industry vet late of MSOs such as Charter Communications and AT&T Broadband, has been named head of sales and marketing at Google Access.

Google Access is a unit of the company that operates Google Fiber, the provider of broadband, voice and video services, as well as Webpass, the wireless broadband company that Google Fiber acquired in the fall of 2016.

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Google is not elaborating on Fogler’s role at Google Access, but said Fogler replaces Christina Wire, who has moved to YouTube in a VP capacity.

Before joining Google Access, Fogler, a highly regarded exec and well-known name in cable industry circles, was a VP at Hitachi Consulting; a co-founder of CAfrica Sports, a U.S.-based TV company that provides premium sports programs through a network of free-to-air broadcasters in sub-Saharan Africa, and was a consultant at Sand Cherry Associates.

Fogler is also a former exec at Charter, where she was VP and GM of video services; was VP of video product management at Adelphia Communications, and was director of video product management at AT&T Broadband (now part of Comcast).

Another former Charter exec, Marwan Fawaz, is also at Google, serving as CEO of Nest. Fawaz was also in charge of Motorola Home before Google sold it to Arris in 2013.

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Nest and Google Access are both part of the “Other Bets” division of Alphabet, Google’s parent company.