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Cartoon Launches Toonami Skateboard Promotion

Cartoon Network is trying a novel approach to getting more kids off the couch that will also promote the channel and build an inventory of Web content in the bargain.

Cartoon Network is taking its Toonami franchise to the streets with a national amateur skateboarding championship, Toonami Klik, for kids 9-14.

Weekly competitions held across the country will be recorded and featured as webisodes on

The tour launches June 9 in Mami, with a championship in Los Angeles Aug. 1 at a local skateboard park.

Media companies are increasingly encouraging viewers to exercise more in the face of the childhood obesity problem and criticism of TV's marketing of snack foods.

The competitions may get the potatoes off the couch, but in that TV circle of life, Cartoon will also feature kiosks at the events where the kids can play video games and watch Toonami programming.